Workshop Barefoot Walking – Healthy Walking on Healthy Feet

Hi, who wouldn’t enjoy a barefoot strong along a sandy beach? Even thought of such a pleasurable outing will infect some people with a daydreaming sigh. You practice barefoot walking and strengthen the walking and running structures of your body. (if necessary in a barefoot walk) You will learn and practice exercises that will enable your musculoskeletal system to walk healthily and painlessly. You practice yourself in perception & mindfulness.Special yoga exercises bring you strength and flexibility, especially for natural walking and running. You learn relaxation exercises for your body and especially for your feet. After the workshop you will be able to make an informed decision about the “right” shoe choice.

Healthy Standing, Healthy Walking

A healthy, relaxed posture starts with the your feet. If we already find ourselves in an awkward position here, this has an effect on the entire body. The right footwear helps to avoid misalignments and pain. This also applies to slippers. Our feet carry us through our whole life. And yet we often devote too little attention to them. And it is so easy to treat yourself to a little relief every day and with every step and thus a little bit of luxury. And this has a positive effect on the entire posture. Because wrong shoes do not only cause foot pain, pressure points, blisters or even misalignments. As the foundation of our body, our gait has a positive and negative effect on our joints and spine. That is why you should look twice when choosing shoes and slippers: An anatomically shaped footbed, a healthy hold and the necessary flexibility are decisive here. And this also applies to slippers for home and leisure. They can offer the feet a piece of relaxation with every step. Compete against pain when walking, joint pain and back pain! These can be avoided and alleviated with comfortable shoes and slippers. We have more than 600 fashionable summer models, house and leisure shoes for children, ladies and gentlemen up to size 50 ready for you, which support comfortable walking and standing.

Proprioception—a favorite term among barefoot runners and fans of minimal shoes—is defined as the ability to sense stimuli arising within the body regarding position, motion, and equilibrium. Basically, good walking proprioception means your mind is in touch with the stimuli coming from your feet, which helps you connect with the world around you. While thickly-padded conventional shoes can numb this ability, walking barefoot on sand is a great way to tap into it. After all, you have between 3,000–7,000 nerve endings in each of your feet. Just think about feeling all those grains under the sensitive part of your arch or between your toes when you walk… I feel tingly already!


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