Vacation at Lake Balaton and why you should definitely visit Hungary?

Reasons, which speak for a vacation at the Balaton

Have you ever had an idea how and where you want to spend Whitsun? If so, then take the next opportunity to visit Hungary and spend your holidays at Lake Balaton. One of the biggest nature conservation, holiday and cultural phenomena in Europe remains little known to many and thus almost undiscovered…There are many reasons for a holiday at Lake Balaton and the first is that Hungary is not far away from Germany and you can drive there comfortably with your own car. The largest steppe lake in Central Europe and a wide range of leisure activities await you there. The lake is larger than Lake Geneva and Lake Constance and here you can fish, row, surf and even sail in peace and quiet. It can be said that the value for money here is quite good, because you get really good quality for a relatively small price. Lake Balaton Hungary will inspire you with numerous cultural offers. In addition to a tour of the lake, you can take part in various sporting events, including swimming through Lake Balaton in summer. Wine weeks in August and the Wine Festival in September will broaden your knowledge of the different types of wine and bring you closer to the Hungarian wine culture. At the latest after the season opening in May (always at Whitsuntide), you can experience Hungarian folklore up close. The youth culture is well represented by the well-known Sziget Festival, called Balaton Sound. A holiday at Lake Balaton can be an option for anyone who is passionate about travelling. Tourism is understandably very well developed here, but the holiday flats on Lake Balaton remain on average reasonably priced.  If you would prefer to spend your holiday even closer to nature, you can relax at one of the many campsites on Lake Balaton and camp, swim and cycle in an environmentally friendly way. The villages on the shores of Lake Balaton are quite well populated and have a good infrastructure. Via the Balaton portal you can not only book holiday apartments, but also get to know Hungary in an authentic way.

Make still this year vacation at the Balaton!

Rowing Regatta Balaton

Celebration and recreation go hand in hand

For romance is enough space and time


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