Tutorial: Rosas con Fondant Ideas

Hello everyone!

Today is Wednesday’s tutorial, and although I’m late, I bring a very flourishing one today. Roses are a great decoration for cupcakes. Today I will teach you how to make two types of roses with very simple fondant.

We will need:

Red Fondant – I use the brand Funcakes
Round mold with rounded edges
Cutting stake


Let’s start with the first type of rose, it’s very simple. We will need a red fondant ball (although you can make the color you want). We smooth it with the roller so that it is elongated.

With the cutting stake, we make a broadband.

Roll the elongated strip and below eliminate the excess fondant.

We have it ready! We can make two more roses and make the presentation of three.


For the second type of rose I have chosen the color pink, but you know that you can choose the color you want. With the pink fondant ball we smooth it with the roller.


With the mold with rounded edges that is quite large (depending on how big you want the rose, but when bigger the circle more ‘petals’ will have the rose). Once we have the round with a smaller mold, and this time around the round circle, we make a hole in the fondant

When we have the circle with the hole in the middle, we take a toothpick and begin to gently turn the whole round.

We split the round on the one hand and lengthen.

With a brush moistened with water we apply on the non-curly part of the fondant.

Gently roll up forming the rose.

We already have the two roses made and an easy and very colorful decoration for Cupcakes.

I hope you liked it!

See you soon!



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