Travel tip: The State of Washington

Between natural paradise and Nirvana
Washington – one name, two worlds. On the one side the city with the lively flair of the political power center of the USA, on the other side 4,000 kilometers west the federal state with the more comfortable, but equally exciting city of Seattle and fantastic natural landscapes.

Here, between the Pacific and the up to 4,400 metre high cascade chain, outdoor enthusiasts will find everything their hearts desire: ancient rainforests and young birch forests, rushing rivers and dry gorges, deep lakes and high desert dunes, and the longest sandbanks in the world. And only then the animal world: raccoons, coyotes, beavers, pheasants and above all croissants belong to the widespread wild animals. However, the stars of the “scene” are bald eagles, seals and seals. They are topped only by sword- and grey whales. And they love to romp off Washington’s wild coast. The chances of encountering the giants of the seas during a whale watching tour are very good, especially from May to July.

Sleeping and active volcanoes
The Mount Rainier National Park, which has the most extensive glacier network outside Alaska, can be visited all year round, including many sleeping and active volcanoes. The most famous volcano in the state, however, is Mount St. Helens, which lies a little further south of Mount Rainier and whose devastating eruption in 1980 is probably the best-documented volcanic eruption in the world. Since then it has been a magnet for visitors. The people do not only want to inform themselves in the different Visitor Centers, but also to experience the nature that has long since blossomed again: hiking, rafting, camping.

Between natural paradise and Nirvana
The perfect contrast is the visit to Seattle, an absolute “must” for every visitor to Washington. Because in the USA there are only a few big cities that are so liveable and lovable. The 600,000-inhabitant metropolis even has this status in writing, as it has been voted the most liveable city in the country several times. In addition to its manageable size and magnificent location, this is probably also due to the attractive highlights such as the Seattle Aquarium, Chinatwon, the Space Needle created for the 1962 World’s Fair and the nationally acclaimed Art Museum. The great hinterland with the nearby Unesco World Natural Heritage Olympic National Parc and the Pacific coast with the many islands in the Sound certainly also contributes to the fact that residents feel like holidaymakers here.

And artists, musicians, creative people – even economic greats. It’s not for nothing that Microsoft and Amazon have laid the foundation for their global triumphal march with their headquarters and the Starbucks coffee house chain. The grunge cult bands Pearl Jam and Nirvana also competed in Seattle and even coined their own term: the Seattle sound. And Washington has been hoisted onto the musical map of the world in the long term. On the touristic side, it is almost still an insider tip – which brings a lot of advantages. For example, much less hectic than in the city of Washington.


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