THREAD AND CROCHET SPHERES for VINTAGE decoration-Crochet Christmas spheres

These spheres are very simple to make, they are ready in a couple of days, and serve for a vintage decoration, they can be hung with a ribbon, or used for a centerpiece, they can be alternated with paper lanterns, tulle pompoms or silk paper.


Manual balloon inflator
Wool or thick white thread.
Crochet carpets (very economical if you buy them in a bazaar)
White glue.
Starch (sold in drugstores), can be replaced by corn flour.
Spray paint (in my case in white, you can use the color that interests us)

You have to prepare a mixture to wet wool or crochet mats on it:

A glass of water is heated (tempered) and a handful of starch dissolves, if you go over starch, a paste is made, so you would have to add more water, you have to put as a finger of the glass of water of starch.

Then add white glue to this mixture, approximately between half and a glass of cola.

Inflate the balloons, you must inflate them so that they are round, if you support them a lot, they take the shape of a pear.

I have used a skein of thick wool, I have put it whole in the mixture and little by little I have been doing the balloon. Done this, you put a string and hang it to dry, in 24-48 h will be dry and hardened.

The crochet ones are a bit more laborious.

The one of the applications I do not like as it has turned out, because I have not obtained a well spherical form. In this case you have to use applications as much as 2 in 2 and wait for them to dry before adding the next one.

The result has been better in which it has only two applications: in this, I sew the applications by the edges, completely and once done, it is put into the hardening mixture and drained a little. You introduce a balloon by one of the drafts of the mat and you are inflating until it is round. He puts a thread to the balloon and hangs it to wait for it to dry.

When they are dry it is time to paint them with spray paint, I have put white that combines very well with the vintage style.

We hope the paint dries, and we can now click on the globe, leaving our sphere perfect and ready to decorate.


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