The most beautiful beaches in Europe! Have you already planned your summer holiday?

The secret beaches of Europe

You love to lie on the beach, but you want to escape the crowd? If you also belong to this category of people, then you will surely like one of our suggestions today. Take a look at some of Europe’s most secret and beautiful beaches. You may discover a new destination for yourself. Grenen beach in Denmark is known as “the beach where two seas meet”. And namely the seas Skagarka and Skattegat. Both seas have different salinity and therefore they are always separated. It is exciting that you can touch both seas at the same time when you go to the end of the beach. South of Lisbon is located the beach Comporta, not so popular in Portugal. It is worth to prefer it because of its 11 km long coast. The area is quiet, without big hotels, only a few small villages. Many of the celebrities are big fans of this beach, especially Christian Louboutin. This small beach on the island of Bisovo in Croatia is surrounded and protected by limestone rocks. Besides sunbathing, the beach is also ideal for picnics, as the high rocks stop the wind. Nearby there is a small restaurant offering tasty fish dishes. You can visit it at any time. The Bidderosa beach is regarded by many people as a small oasis. It is ideal for families with small children as the water is warm and not deep. The white, fine sand in combination with clear water turns Bidderosa Beach into a paradise. Worth seeing is also the small village from the 15th century, which is nearby. The stone houses preserved there will surely take you back to the past. Gokceada Island is little known as a destination in Turkey. But this island hides one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe – the Aydanchik Beach. This place is very suitable for surf fans. If this seems too adventurous, visit the nearby lake. There you can rent a boat and spend a quiet day. A note for history fans: every day a boat departs from the island to visit the ruins of Troy.

Despite the crisis, Greece remains a preferred holiday destination for the summer. Crete Island is a favourite destination for many people. If you want to spend your holidays there, you should definitely visit the beach Elafonisi. It is located southeast of the island. The pale pink sand and the wonderful view will fascinate you and you can spend the whole holiday there. Now you are spoilt for choice… Which of these beautiful European beaches will you choose? Where exactly do you want to spend your next holiday?

Comporta Strand, Portugal

Bidderosa Strand, Italienisch

Charming stone houses in Bidderosa, Italy

Porto Katsiki beach in Lafkada, Greece

The small restaurant in Bisevo


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