Swiffer Cover Model

hate buying those expensive swiffer covers only to use them once and toss them, so I came up with a pattern on the loom you can wash and reuse. This took a couple of hours to figure out but now that I have somewhat of a pattern I think it will go much faster. If you spot an error or some way to improve the pattern please leave a comment so I can change it.

Blue Knifty Knitter
1 ball cotton wool (I used less than a 50 gram ball of Bernat)
Knitting tool
Tapestry needle

Make sure your tail is at least 15 inches long. E-wrap 3 rows, 15 pegs. You will be knitting the 1 over 2 stitch. Pulling up the bottom loop over the top two loops. Use 1 and 15 as turning pegs. You should have 3 loops on every peg except for 2 loops on peg 1 and 15. Knit over every peg, you should now have 2 loops on every peg except for 1 and 15 will have only one loop.

*E-wrap 14-2, knit over, purl last peg. E-wrap 2-14, knit over, purl last peg.* Repeat between * for a total of 86 rows, or about 14 inches. I like to knit in the same direction I wrap because cotton is so loose and I can take up the slack over to the last peg. Adding the purl stitch and pulling it fairly tight at the end keeps the edge a lot tighter.

Knit over last row so you have only one loop on each peg. Remove with a crochet hook chaining one in between each stitch, cut working yarn at least 15 inches and pull through last loop.

Fold up ends approximately 2.5 inches. With tails whipstitch one side and back, weave loosely across the top to form a bit of a gather to other side and whipstitch other side. Weave in tail and cut off. Do the same to the other side.

You could probably do this on a small gauge loom (I would have done it on my Infinity loom but it’s in use and probably will be for awhile if you read the previous post and I don’t have another small gauge) It would be a tighter fit just make sure to adjust for size, width should be about 5 inches and length about 14 inches not stretched. I’m thinking this may shrink a bit when washed, as my cotton dishcloths usually do, but it’s nice to throw them in the washer instead of the garbage can like store bought swiffer cloths


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