Sweet Recipes and Desserts

1) Recipe for Cream Puff with Chocolate Sauce

For 4 persons Preparation time: 25 min


140 g RIEPER soft wheat flour type 00 yellow
110 g butter
1 tsp sugar
5 eggs
1/8 l milk
1/8 l water
20 g icing sugar


1/2 l whipped cream
200 g dark chocolate
Bring milk, water, butter, salt and sugar to the boil.
Pour in the flour at once and stir vigorously until a nice soft lump is formed.
Put the dough in a bowl and beat the eggs one after the other under the dough.
Pour into a piping bag and sprinkle small heaps onto a greased and floured baking tray or a baking sheet lined with baking paper.
Slide into the preheated oven on the middle shelf.

Baking time:
At top and bottom heat 10 min. at 210°C and 20 min. at 190°C.
Temperature and baking time must be adjusted in the convection oven.

Heat the liquid cream and dissolve the crumbled chocolate in it.
Cover and place in the refrigerator, beat until stiff the next day and fill into the cut cream puffs. Decorate the outside with liquid cooking chocolate as desired.

2) Sweet mini Almond Croissants

for the recipe sweet mini almond croissant

For the baking tray:
Baking paper
200 g Dr. Oetker Lübecker marzipan raw mass
80 g sugar
1 protein (size M)
about 50 g Dr. Oetker sliced almonds
To decorate:
about 100 g Dr. Oetker fine chocolate coating

1 Prepare:
Cover the baking tray with baking paper. Preheat oven.

Top/bottom heat: approx. 180°C.

Hot air: approx. 160°C

2 Preparing:
Cut the marzipan into very small pieces and pour into a mixing bowl. Add sugar and egg whites and mix well with a mixer (stirring rods) at lowest speed.

3 Using a tablespoon, cut off about 10 marzipan portions and form them into rolls about 5 cm long. Roll these in the planed almonds and place them on the baking tray shaped into a croissant. Press the croissants slightly flat and bake.

Insertion: middle

Baking time: about 15 min.

Place the almond croissants with the baking paper on a cake rack and allow to cool.

4 Decorate:
Chop the couverture coarsely and melt in a water bath at low heat. Immerse the ends of the croissants and let them set on baking paper.

3) Recipe for Mohr in a Shirt

For 4 persons Preparation time: 90 min

40 g RIEPER soft wheat flour type 00 yellow
100 g butter
100 g sugar
6 eggs
180 g grated dark chocolate
140 g grated almonds
Crumbs for the mould

whipped cream to serve
Spread a pudding dish suitable for a water bath with cold butter and dust with crumbs. 
Mix butter and sugar, add yolks one at a time. 
Beat the egg whites until stiff and mix carefully with the other ingredients. 
Pour into the mould, close the lid and place in a water bath. 
The water should reach up to 2/3 of the pudding mould. 
Cook for 60 minutes until soft. 
Take the mould out of the water and let it stand for 5 minutes before turning it over.

Serve with whipped cream.


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