Hi everybody, all of us always looking for a different and unique way that while is easy too to design cake. A different way that always cause to wonder the people is see the different appearance of the inside of the cake. This idea is so easy and can be cheap it depend on your chooses about the materiel that you want use for inside of your cake.

for the recipe Surprise-Inside-Cake

For the springform pan (18 cm):
some fat baking paper

Sponge cake:
50 g butter
3 eggs (size M)
120 g sugar
1 pck. Vanilla sugar
125 g wheat flour
1 tsp. Original Backin

500 g very soft butter
100 g icing sugar
1 Pck. Finesse Grated lemon zest

150 – 200 g coloured mini chocolate lentils
To decorate:
1 Dr. Oetker White Fondant Blanket
75 – 100 g coloured mini chocolate lentils

1 Prepare:
For the dough melt butter in a small pot and let cool. Grease the bottom of the springform pan and cover with baking paper. Preheat oven.

Top/bottom heat: approx. 180°C

Hot air: approx. 160°C

2 Sponge cake:
Bake 2 sponge cake bases one after the other: Beat the eggs in a mixing bowl with a mixer (stirring rods) for 1 minute until foamy. Stir in the sugar mixed with vanilla sugar for 1 minute and beat for another 2 minutes. Mix flour with Backin and stir in briefly at lowest speed. Stir in the butter briefly. Smooth the dough in the springform pan. Place the dish on the grid and place in the oven.

Insertion: lower third

Baking time: about 40 min.

3)Loosen and remove springform pan rim, place base on a cake rack covered with baking paper, remove springform pan base and allow to cool. Prepare the cooled springform pan as described above. Prepare the second sponge cake dough as described above and bake.

4)Cut each floor horizontally once and cut out circles (about 9 cm) from each of 2 floors. Place a whole base on a cake plate.

Cream butter in a mixing bowl using a mixer (stirring rods). Stir in the icing sugar and finesse and whip briefly. Place a heaped tablespoon of cream in a piping bag or a small freezer bag and set aside. Spread about 1/3 of the cream on the bottom and place the first sponge cake ring on top. Spread about half of the cream on top and place the second sponge ring on top. Spread a good 3/4 of the remaining cream on top. Now smooth out the edge of the hole by thinly spreading the cream. Fill the hole to the brim with the chocolate lentils and place the last layer on top. Coat the cake thinly with the rest of the cream and refrigerate for at least 2 hours (until the cream has set).

Roll out the fondant blanket on the foil slightly larger (Ø approx. 36 cm) and unroll it on the cake using the foil. Place the edge without creases and smooth it down. Cut off the remaining fondant. Cut off a very small corner from the piping bag or freezer bag and spray small spots all over the cake. Place a mini chocolate lentil on each spot.


You can fill inside of the cake with coloured mini chocolate lentils or a colorful sweet surprise that tumbles out when you cut into it. Play around with different possibilities and get excited for that incredible moment when people find your hidden surprise — and beg you to tell them how you did it. You can offer our site to them.


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