Some Yoga Exercises That Will Inspire You!

A lot of people do sports these days. You just have to, otherwise you’ll be sitting on a chair in the office all day long, always feeling uncomfortable and unhealthy. Regular exercise is very important because it strengthens the heart and normalizes blood circulation. When you exercise, you feel energetic, motivated and simply healthy.

There are so many kinds of sports. Everyone can try different sports and decide which one is perfect for them. Some people love dynamic sports, while others prefer relaxing exercises.

What do you think? Is yoga a sport? On the one hand, yes, because it ensures the athletic and healthy condition of the body. On the other hand, yoga is not a sport, it is much more than that. Yoga is a whole philosophy, a science and an understanding of the world and the processes it involves. Yoga could also be called an art form because it requires patience and eyes for aesthetics. People who practice yoga have many qualities. They are very positive, energetic and creative. They eat healthy and love everything that has to do with nature.

If you have come to this page, then you are probably interested in yoga. In this article we will show you different yoga exercises. Some of them are so to speak the basis of yoga and all beginners start with them. Others are not so easy: a real challenge for many people who practice yoga. and you interesting about doing this practice you can try.

Now let’s dive into the magnetic world of yoga exercises together! Surely the unique illustrations will inspire you!

Also take a look at this video. It is very helpful.

There are both simple and very complicated yoga exercises.

This exercise, for example, is not for beginners

Regular yoga exercises lead to body flexibility: this here is the exercise “dove

Inhale…exhale…Proper breathing is of great importance for the yoga exercises.

The looking up dog…also called a cobra.

The Crescent Moon: an especially good yoga exercise

The looking down dog…

This Yoga exercise is called Plug

This is actually the “swing” exercise, in a complex form.

The pyramid…one of the yoga exercises that all beginners love:)

Not everyone can do that! You have to be prepared!

When we say that yoga is a kind of art, we mean it seriously.

The exercise “candle” has many variants

Yoga is more fun with a friend!

Scorpio! Impossible for beginners!

Find a yoga corner easy to access. I sometimes read that you have to make  a special place at home, with candles and incense. If have room, again, why not! but do not forget to  start practicing yoga because you do not have your little place fetish and cozy. If you travel frequently or if your apartment is small, you have to find a way to practice everywhere. I would love to practice yoga on a terrace facing the sea, with beautiful fine curtains floating behind me, a good scent of jasmine, but for now, it’s in the living, pushing the table, and it’s not that bad.


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