Slimming Through Swimming: Swim in Absolute Top Form

Do you want to know about the swim and related by weight loss, yeah that’s true you can weight loss just with swimming and enjoy it. I collected information for you please read these.

The benefits of swimming are huge: Offering a low impact, full-body workout that tones muscles. five reasons why you should swim!

  1. Off into the water
    Almost everyone can swim, Swimming is the perfect full body workout,  top for beginners and pregnant women and the elderly to injured athletes and those looking to get back in shape, or get fit quick. Swimming has great synergy effects: With a small amount of time you can reduce your weight and build muscles. All muscle groups are mobilised in the water without excessive strain on joints, ligaments and tendons. So if you’re not training very much and also carry a few kilos too much around, you can train gently and build muscle mass slowly.

Swimming Workout

2. Energy and Fat Consumption

How long one needs to swim to lose weight totally depends upon their body weight, swimming stroke they use and speed at which they swim. According to centre for disease control and prevention one should do at least two hours and 30 minutes of swimming every week. Not only losing weight but swimming can also help you maintain your weight once you have lost the required amount. 3,500 calories are equal to a half kilo of weight. So you need to burn 3,500 calories more apart from what are you taking in, to lose that half kilo. One hour of breaststroke burns 531 kilocalories (kcal). Who crawls just as long, in fact in a brisk speed, converts even up to 900 kilocalories. When you swim backstroke, you also use all your abdominal muscle groups.

3. Water Temperature Also Plays an Important Role
Only at a temperature of exactly 26 degrees is the heat exchange between body and water reasonably balanced. “If the water temperature is higher or lower, the body needs to mobilize more energy in the form of fat to regulate body temperature,” says Swedish swimming coach Glen Christiansen. To put it plainly: the body burns fat without having to exert itself.

Swimming Workout: Training Unit 1

The following training unit covers 1400 meters:

  1. 200 meters: Swimming in in any position
  2. 50 – 100 – 150 – 200 – 150 – 100 – 50 meters: Pyramid swimming in any position, speed not within the maximum range; pause between the individual sections 20 to 40 seconds each
  3. 6 x 50 meters: alternately 50 meters crawl and 50 meters in an alternative swimming position. Try to increase the speed slowly; pause 30 seconds each.
  4. 100 meters: easy swimming in any position

4. the water resistance
It has a firming effect on the skin because it works like a light full body massage. This additionally strengthens the heart, circulation and muscles. A further advantage: the entire skeletal muscles are also supported, which prevents postural damage and tension.Swimming is one of the best forms of cardiovascular, or aerobic exercise, because it uses almost every muscles in your body and raises your heart rate. According to one study, 12 weeks of swimming can improve the  efficiency of blood being pumped through your body 18% and because water is around 800 times denser than air, It’s great for toning up without putting stress on your joints. It can even slow down the ageing process-scientists have shown that swimming three to five times a week dramatically reduces the risk of an early death.


Swimming Workout: Training Unit 2

The following training unit covers 1900 meters:

  1. 200 meters: Swimming in in any position
  2. 4 x 50 meters: 15 meters spurt in any position, then 35 meters very easy; interval of 30 seconds each
  3. 4 x 50 meters: 25 meters spurt in any position, then 25 meters very easy; interval of 30 seconds each
  4. 300 – 200 – 100 metres: in any position, the second half of each route slightly faster than the first; break: 40 to 60 seconds each
  5. 100 – 200 – 300 meters: in any position, again the second half of each distance a little faster than the first; interval of 40 to 60 seconds each
  6. 100 meters: easy swimming in any position

5. increase muscle mass
A decisive advantage in the fight against the pounds is the phenomenon that the additional muscle mass in the long run increases the basal metabolic rate (calorie consumption at rest) and the fat metabolism is stimulated. An obvious place to start is that swimming will make you fitte, especially if you do it frequently and get your technique nailed down. That’s why regular swimmers can eat more and still not gain weight so easily. However, the fat metabolism only runs at full speed after 40 minutes. Therefore it is better to swim longer, but slower. According to researchers, regular swimming  can reduce stress, lower anxiety and combat depression, whatever your fitness level or ability. Being surrounded by water helps diffuse your senses  and lets your body relax far more than being in a gym ful of mirrors and loud music.


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