Simple Fitness Exercises for Everyday Life

Regular exercise keeps you fit, slim and healthy. The body can be trained effectively even with simple exercises in everyday life. This not only benefits the heart, circulation and muscles. Even under stress, light but regular training has a positive effect. It is crucial to do something for your fitness every day.

Fitness exercises for everyday life
These simple exercises can be easily integrated into everyday life. Repeat each exercise at least ten times:

  1. Tighten the thighs and bottom several times in succession and leave them loose again – even when sitting.
  2. To strengthen the calves go on the heels and then on the tips, hold three seconds and back again – tips, heels, hold and back again.
  3. While sitting, place your hands on the seat and lift your leg and arm alternately to train your back and balance.
  4. Good for chest and arms: Sitting, stretch your arms forward and hold them.
  5. In the supermarket, press your left and right hands against the handle of the shopping trolley and hold the tension for 20 seconds.
  6. To train balance and leg muscles, stand on only one leg when combing hair or brushing teeth.
  7. In the evening, lie on the sofa on your back, stretch one leg and pull one leg to your chest.
  8. The classic: Do not take the elevator but climb stairs – strengthens the muscles and stimulates circulation.

Fitness training with equipment
If the simple fitness exercises are not enough for you, you can train at home with fitness equipment. These are often available for little money at discount stores:

Sling Trainer: Sling training is a full body training method with ropes and slings. It works with your own body weight as training resistance. According to sports pedagogue Raimund Kasten, training requires a good sense of balance and a lot of muscle power. Fitness beginners should slowly and carefully approach the trend sport – no matter if you do biceps, push-ups or knee bends.
Electrostimulation device: The method is used in physiotherapy for the targeted building of muscles, in competitive sports as a training supplement. Instead of tensioning the muscles with devices and weights, they are contracted by electrical impulses. Electrostimulation is not suitable for people with pacemakers, cardiovascular diseases and an increased risk of thrombosis. It is also not suitable for pregnant women. For healthy people and under good guidance, training with low-frequency stimulation current is generally not dangerous. Raimund Kasten, a sports pedagogue, advises only to start electrostimulation under medical supervision.

Arm and leg trainer: The devices are so small that you can place them in front of the couch or on a chair or table. According to sports pedagogue Kasten, arm and leg trainers are more suitable for people who, for example, are restricted in their movements for health reasons. Ambitious athletes are quickly underchallenged.
Trampoline: Controlled jumping is a particularly joint-gentle training. It depends on the combination of fast and slow jumps. Trampoline jumping improves the physical balance and strengthens the back muscles.



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