Fit from head to toe: With these simple exercises you can stretch and strengthen your body every day.

Hello to everybody, we have good news for you, do you want to exercise everyday? But do you think fitness exercises is complicate, hard or just related to gym? we have good suggestion for you, in fact 6 simple exercises that you can do them everyday in easiest way for strengthen your body.

With swing into the candle, sliding up to the pain threshold, waddling like a duck with bent knees. Do you remember? Exercises from that time were often exhausting, some even damaged. Gymnastics father Jahn’s grandchildren have known better for a long time. The Munich sports scientist Carolin Heilmann shows with her fitness program for every day how to be healthier.

Six fitness exercises for every day

Six fitness exercises for every day

1. take off
Starting position: lie on your stomach, arms close to your body

There you do: Pull your elbows upwards without swinging, lift your chest slightly off the floor and put it down again. Keep head straight

That’s it: Strengthens the back muscles

So often: 2 x 8 repetitions, in between short break and relax

2. long pull
Starting position: Stand

There you go: Shift the weight to one leg, put the other one forward. Toes point to the tip of the nose. Tilt your upper body forward until you feel a slight pull on the back of your thighs. Hold for a few seconds

That’s what it takes: Stretches the back of the thigh

So often: Per leg 4 x 4

3. getting up
Starting position: Sitting on the front edge of the chair

There you go: Get up with a straight back without swing and sit down again. Lighter version B: Raise lower leg and lower it again. Changing sides

That’s it: Strengthens the front of the thighs

So often: 2 x 6 repetitions (B: each leg), loosen legs in between

4. rounding
Starting position: quadruped stand

There you go: Back vertebrae for vertebrae round like a cat and carefully slide back into the straight back again

That’s what it takes: Improves the mobility of the back

So often: 8 x 4

5. come up
Starting position: lie on your back, set legs, place hands crosswise on chest

There you go: From the power of the belly, release the shoulders a few centimetres from the mat and gently put them back down. Looking forwards/upwards

That’s it: Strengthens the abdominal muscles

So often: 2 x 8 repetitions, rest in between

6. Half circle

Starting position: While standing or sitting, lower chin to chest

Here’s how: Head gently and without pressure slowly to the right shoulder, then move over the starting position to the left shoulder.

That’s it: Improves the mobility of the cervical spine,

As often: 3 x 4 times on each side


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