Romania trip – a country rich in sights and nature!

Basic information to remember before travelling to Romania

Romania is one of a number of destinations that can clearly be declared unknown and underdeveloped. The history and culture of this Balkan country is very old and rich. It is impossible for us to deal with everything in this article. But part of the appeal of modern travel also lies in the fact that you have the opportunity to explore the destinations yourself. One can put the accent on one or the other experience during a journey. We want to give you some hints for this and also for the search for the destinations. These are of key importance for getting to know Romania.  The visits to this mountain region leave unforgettable memories behind. We also recommend you to visit the castle of Karol I. there. It is also worthwhile to book a tour guide there. A change after the cultural experiences you can treat yourself with some delicious sweets, which are prepared there in the local bakery. From there, one can slowly approach Transylvania. If you would decide for such a kind of Romania journey, you would notice with each kilometer, how much more mystically and experience-rich nature reveals itself before you. You won’t regret it if you stop at the Poiana Complex, at Braşov There you will be surrounded by many forests and would feel wonderful. This mystical part of Romania’s history certainly attracts many people. Surely it is also worth visiting the castle of Dracula. Besides the great history, which you will physically touch in one way or another, you will experience fabulous landscapes on the way there and also on the spot. It is best to arrive as early as possible so that you have enough time to visit the site. Also the artistic programme is not to be missed. Once there, you’ll quickly understand what it feels like to know the Dracula. Everything is dark, grey and very mystical. You can’t help but hear every word about Dracula with awe. In Brashov there are a number of national monuments which have a peculiar meaning for Romanians. Here you can visit the so-called Black Cathedral, the first Romanian school and many beautiful traditional Romanian markets.

In this city you can also take the attraction train to Brashover Hills. This city also hosts great dance evenings with traditional Romanian music. If you still have a little strength left, then you should definitely take part. During these you would get to know the Romanian soul really well and this is of course worth a lot. This is an exemplary route for the summer, which will also prove to be atmospheric for nature lovers. But Romania has much more nature, history and mysticism waiting to be discovered by tourists.

Take part in the folk dances


Visit the castle from the inside

Brashov – the national monuments

The capital – Bucharest

Why not a winter holiday?


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