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Pumpkin Carving!

Hey guys!

Today we’re talking pumpkin carving! While there are lots of wonderful things happening in the fall, pumpkin carving is one of my favorites! It’s seriously so much fun. Particularly when you’ve grown up with a ridiculously good pumpkin carver. No joke, my dad (who is pictured above and I feel I look very much like now that I’ve dyed my hair…), carves the best pumpkins!

You can see some of my dad’s amazing creations from years past in the photo above. There’s a troll doll pumpkin, a bat (!!!), and Ross Perot (obviously carved in ’92!). So good! I remember that when I was growing up his work had a pumpkin carving contest every year, and every year he entered, he won! I mean, he carved a Ross Perot pumpkin during the ’92 election season, how could he not?

I had a lot of fun digging through photos when I was over at my parents’ house and have some Halloween gems of yours truly to share at another time. But for now, we’re talking pumpkins!

Tootsie Pops help with the design process, obviously! πŸ™‚
Yes, my dad is using woodworking tools to create depth to the hair he’s making for his pumpkin. I want to make fun of him for this, but I can’t. It’s too cool!

My dad and I started things off by picking out our pumpkins and buying (and eating) someveryΒ necessary halloween candy. For the record, we got three pumpkins in order to carve two. You gotta get an extra for parts! Oh, the things you learn growing up with a dad who carves amazing pumpkins.

While we worked on carving, I asked my dad what his top 5 favorite tips were for pumpkin carving, so I could share some of his expertise with you guys! Here they are:

1.Β Choose a pumpkin with a shape that works well for your design!
2. Buy an extra pumpkin for extra parts. Use your imagination and be creative with this! You could make ears, a tongue, hair, batwings, you name it out of that extra pumpkin! You should also grab some toothpicks for attaching said parts.
3.Β Use a fine-tipped, water-soluble marker in orange or red to draw your design. This way you won’t stain the pumpkin and can wash off your design and start over if necessary.
4. Taper your cuts towards the inside of the pumpkin so they show less pulp. This will help you get a crisp design.
5.Β Use a narrow knife to clean things up. This and the previous tip really help your design pop!

My biggest tip would be, be creative! When I was looking through the pictures I realized that I’ve carved a cat pumpkin almost every year of my life. Such a nerd! But ya know what? Totally worth it. All those years of cat pumpkin practice have produced this gem. Look how fat it is!!!!

I had a total blast carving pumpkins with my dad, and I hope this post inspires you to get creative with your pumpkin carving this season!

Til next time!


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