PREEMIE BLANKET AND HAT Crochet Basket Weave Pattern


For stitch help: “you tube”

-“How to crochet a basket weave stitch”
-“How to crochet a crab stitch or reverse single crochet edging”

Stitch Explanation: 

Front Post Double Crochet Stitch: *fpdc*
yarn over your hook; starting from the front, place hook from “front to back to front” around the post of stitch in row below; work as a double crochet.
Back Post Double Crochet Stitch: *bpdc*
yarn over your hook; starting from the back,  place hook from “back to front to back” around post of stitch in row below; work as a double crochet.
Crab stitch: Crab Stitch or Reverse Single Crochet:
“Working left to right, insert the hook in the first stitch to the right under the loops exactly the way you usually do a single crochet – difference is in the direction in which you are working the row.”
-Light (3Ply) Soft Baby Acrylic yarn; 15 oz (420 g) / 1086 yds (993m)
-Crochet U.S. G-6/4 mm for blanket
-Crochet U.S. F-5/3 mm for hat

about 26” X 26” (66 cm X 66 cm) finished

-Chain 100 (24 squares of 4 chains + 2 edges)
-1dc in 4th chain, 1 dc in all other chain.
1st row: Ch2, (*fpdc* 4 times, *bpdc* 4 times) repeat to the end, 1dc in edge front, turn
2nd and 3rd rows: repeat 1st row
4th row: Ch2, (*bpdc* 4 times, *fpdc* 4 times) repeat to the end, 1dc in edge front, turn
5th and 6th rows: repeat 4th row
-Work in pattern 15 more times (28 squares)

Crochet Border:

1st round:
Chain 2,
2 Half Double Crochet (hdc) in 1st corner edge(3 dhc in the 3 other corners),
For blanket sides; 1 hdc in edge overlooked each row,
For blanket beginning and end; 1 dhc between each post,
Join with a slip stitch.
2nd round: (crab stitch or reverse single crochet)
Chain 1,
1 reverse single crochet around all sides, join with a slip stitch and fasten off weaving in end.

For 4 to 6 lbs baby

Chain 6, Join into a ring
Round 1: 12 dc into the ring. Join = 12 dc
Round 2: 2 dc between each dc. Join = 24 dc
Round 3: 2 dc between each dc. Join = 48 dc
Pattern: (Starting directly under)
1st round: ch1 (*fpdc* 3 times, *bpdc* 3 times) repeat to the end (working together the last post of the row and the ch1 of beginning of row), sl1
2nd round: repeat 1st round
3rd round: ch1 (*bpdc* 3 times, *fpdc* 3 times) repeat to the end (working together the last post of the row and the ch1 of beginning of row), sl1
4th round: repeat 3rd round
-Work in pattern 2 more times. (6 squares)
Crochet Border:
(crab stitch or reverse single crochet)
ch1, 1 reverse single crochet around, join with a slip stitch and fasten off weaving in end.


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