Plan Your Own Detox Cure With the Following Great Detox Juices

Have you decided to include more water and salads in your menu this summer? But that’s only really possible if you provide variety. Nobody can stand the same taste every day!

Detox cure ideas with fruits

We will soon dedicate some articles to delicious salad recipes. Today we start with the simpler part: We offer you some great ideas for water drinks that will refresh you and rid you of toxins.

Detox cure regularly do

Water with blackberries and oranges

Both blackberries and oranges are rich in antioxidants and ballast fibres. You can really use them to clean your body. For half a liter you need two-three slices of oranges and a handful of blackberries.

Fresh ideas for summer

apple spritzer

Do you need to prepare a drink that helps you dissolve the accumulated excess carbohydrates? Apple spritzer is perfect for this purpose. You also improve the condition of the gastrointestinal system and let a few kilos tumble.

Take 1 1/2 liters of water. Add a spoonful of apple vinegar and squeeze a lemon. Add even more flavour with cinnamon and honey.

Improve the gastrointestinal system with apple spritzer.

Water with green tea and mint

This drink is obligatory in your detox plan and it helps with losing weight a lot further. It washes the fats off your body almost literally. You need green tea and some lime slices. Add 2 – 3 mint leaves. Done!

Fresh and healthy at the same time

Water with blueberries and raspberries

Both fruits are extremely effective in abducting toxins from the body. Logically, the combination of both is unbeatable. If you drink this water at the same time as a diet, you will soon look very slim.

Combining blueberries and raspberries to double the healthy effect

Watermelon with mint water

Watermelon is very healthy for liver and kidneys. If you want to strengthen the function of these organs, then cut a few slices of watermelon and leave them in the water for a few minutes. Add some mint leaves.

Improve the function of liver and kidneys

Cucumber – Basil – Water Drink

Cut open a few cucumbers, limes and lemon slices, accentuating, of course, the first addition. Add a cup of chopped basil leaves.

Enjoy a healthy drink


Aloe Vera Water

60 grams of Aloe Vera Drinking Gel should be enough per half litre. Squeeze out a lemon. This is a summery drink, through which you can enjoy all the benefits of this healthy medicinal plant.

Aloe vera has good health effects on the organism.

Water with pineapple and sugar cane molasses

Did we surprise you with this combination? This recipe sounds quite surprising to many people for the first time. But it also gives you wonderful results in a summer detox cure. Per liter you need two pieces of pineapple and two sugar tubes. Your detox cure in summer can be successful that easily!

Summer is the right time to do a detox cure.



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