Optically Enhanced Caramelised Carrots with Roasted Sesame Seeds

Optically Enhanced Caramelised Carrots with Roasted Sesame Seeds

“Yes, hello for now. I don’t know if you knew, but… “1 I love carrot vegetables. So caramelised carrots, but at home it’s just carrot vegetables. And you have to fight it out with all the other family members for every single spoon. But it’s also sooo delicious – and so nice and simple.
But “normal” carrot vegetables in the form of slices only look good next to hearty, home-style food like roast pork. In addition it is quite time-consuming without a food processor to cut the carrots into slices. That’s why the carrot vegetables have finally been prepared privately in the visually more appealing, at least just as tasty, pencil-sticked version. And from now on I also make a great side dish with fancy Chicki-Micki-Essen 🙂
This time I also added some sesame, because I saw it somewhere the other day (unfortunately I don’t know where, please let me know if anyone feels addressed ;). Also tasty, really pretty, but not absolutely necessary:

Ingredients (for two portions of side dishes)

– Carrots (about 3-4 larger – for a lot of side dish a little more 😉
– Water or vegetable stock (so much that the carrots are barely covered)
– butter (10-15 g)
– pepper, salt
– sugar (1/2-1 teaspoon, depending on how bitter the carrots are, optionally honey)

– Sesame (1 scarce tbsp)

Preparation (5-10 minutes preparation, about 15 minutes cooking time)

Peel the carrots and cut them into pieces about 5 cm long.
Then cut the pieces lengthwise in half and then, depending on their thickness, cut them into halves, thirds or quarters again.

Put the carrots in a pan or pot and cover the bottom with them.
A little on top of each other does nothing, but too much empty space or several layers are rather unfavourable.

Cover the carrots with a little water or vegetable stock.
Add butter.
And depending on how sweet or bitter the carrots are still some sugar.

Besides, roast the sesame briefly in a pan without oil and put aside.

Then bring to the boil and simmer at medium heat for about 10-15 minutes, until the liquid is almost boiled down and the carrots are soft, but still with a slight bite.

Season to taste with pepper, salt and sugar.

Arrange the carrots on plates and spread the sesame seeds over them. Done! 🙂


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