Norway Round Trip – Visit the sights of the country!

Pictures that will motivate you for a trip around Norway

What do you associate Norway with? Is it the fjords, the wide ice surfaces or the polar light? All this sounds interesting, but also somehow cold. Is it true? This may be the case with you, because you do not yet know the pictures we are showing you today. The cold, the harsh climate, the darkness – you have to reckon with all these when you travel to Norway. At the same time, your heart will certainly be warmed by the beauties that open in front of you. Do we want to visit some of the country’s great sights virtually and through beautiful pictures? In translation Trolltunga means “The Troll Tongue”. It is one of the most beautiful natural wonders of this country. But the Troll Tongue is not for people with a weak heart. Trolltunga is a tongue of land. When you reach its top, you are 350 metres above the Ringedalsvatnet reservoir. The Lofoten Islands are a group of islands. It is located off the Norwegian coast. The nuances which you experience here in the sky and horizon can hardly be compared or described. The small cottages in white and brook stone colours also contribute strongly to the picturesque picture. Many people travel to Norway to experience the polar light. In this case you would have to visit Hammerfest. Take a look at the pictures, because all the words are not enough to describe this beauty. The Atlantic Road is one of the favourite games for travellers through Norway. It is an example that technical innovations bring us closer rather than further from nature. The waterfall “Seven Sisters” is another attraction which we think you should definitely visit when you are in Norway. The Seven Sisters enchant all viewers with their beauty and natural power. Here the water plunges over 300 metres into the Geirangerfjord. This is just one of the many fabulous sights you can experience in Norway. It is really hard to say whether the winter or summer season would be better for a trip to Norway. In these seasons you can simply experience different aspects of the beauty of this country.

Norway Tour – Visit the beautiful city of Alesund

The lofts are also overwhelming at night

Norway Tour – Visit one of the many national parks in Norway

A round trip by car is also worthwhile

Norway Tour – Visit the Stavanger Region

Experience Norway in the different seasons


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