New Year’s Eve trips to warm or cold countries – what is your wish?

New Year’s Eve trips to different countries

Are there New Year’s Eve trips this year? Have you already chosen your destination? Not yet? Then we could help you with additional information! Do we want to quickly discuss the advantages of the different countries today, then you can more easily decide on a suitable destination? Well, here are our ideas and tips for New Year’s Eve trips abroad.

New Year’s Eve Trips to France

Celebrate New Year’s Eve on the French Riviera?

A New Year’s Eve trip to France could certainly prove to be a unique experience for you. Paris is always at the top of the list of the most popular destinations. You could spend the night of the turn of the year in a chic restaurant and on the other days visit all the other great sights of the French capital. Celebrating the New Year on the square in front of the Eiffel Tower is something for courageous people who can also stand the cold very well. This is also a very popular destination and many people see New Year’s Eve as a good occasion to travel there. At the same time there are a lot of different places and super interesting traditions. You will be able to make your stay in Algarve a unique experience. If you really want to start the new year in a relaxed and amusing way, then you certainly have the opportunity to do so in all the beach bars, discos and restaurants. This country is certainly not a bad idea for New Year’s Eve trips. Because here this event is connected with very intensive preparation and really cheerful celebrations at all places. Whether you rent a house in Yorkshire or stay in a hotel in London, the perfect party is guaranteed.

New Year’s Eve Tours to Austria

Have you already visited all the important historical places in Austria? If not, you could do it at the end of the year. Actually you can enjoy Salzburg and Vienna especially well at this time of year. These destinations are particularly suitable for people who really appreciate the upscale European culture. Let us now conclude with this and another “hot” offer for New Year’s Eve travel. Each island has its own way to celebrate New Year’s Eve. This is always a great mix of modern celebrations and long established traditions. If you travel to Brazil for New Year’s Eve, plan to spend the festive night somewhere on the beach and coast. Because here you have a great tradition of dressing in white and giving poisons to the sea goddess Yemanja. Of course, everything here is connected with a fabulous festival of Brazilian folk art and a lot of mysticism and joie de vivre. How can a year that starts out so great not be perfect?

New Year’s Eve Trips to the Caribbean Islands

Celebrating New Year’s Eve in the Pyrenees


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