My Gutters, Staircase, Mailbox, & Garage Doors

Gutters, Staircase, Mailbox, & Garage Doors

We received an exciting update from our foreman yesterday. According to him, the new goal is to have the house completed by August 24th. That is 13 days from today!! It seems like there are so many minor details still left to complete.

Yesterday, they hung all of our gutters. At the last minute, we changed our minds on what color to use. During our exterior selections process, we decided on white. I never really paid much attention to the colors of gutters until now. As it was getting closer to the time to hang ours, I began noticing other new construction homes had used colors other than white. Several people will match their gutters to the roof color, and others choose to match them with the trim color. After much thought (and lost sleep), we changed from white to terra bronze. This color blends well with our roofing and siding colors. I am so happy with the way they have turned out! It was very much outside my comfort zone to go with such a dark color, especially when the idea is to get the object to blend in to the background. This was definitely the right way to go!

Today, our interior staircase was completed. One more coat of stain will go on the treads once the workers are finished with a majority of the work upstairs. The open catwalk looks absolutely beautiful from the foyer and the greatroom.

View from the foyer.

View from the greatroom.Today, we also noticed our mailbox was in place.
It makes it seem so official!Our garage doors were installed and in working order today. We used the carriage style doors with black accent straps. We are thinking about painting the doors Timberbark, to match the color of our siding. They are so stark white, and I think they will blend in better being dark (like the gutters).


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