This trapillo star is super-easy and quick to weave. It will be a great decoration to crown your tree 🙂
Here is the tutorial:

-Forma a hoop joining 5 chains.
– Raise 3 more chains to give height and knit two high points in the initial ring.
-Teck another chain
-Repeat 4 groups of 3 high points and a chain and join with a slip stitch to the third chain at the beginning of the round.
-Drag up to the second high point and knit in the space formed by the chain that separates the groups of high points from the previous round: 2 high points, 1 double high point, 3 chainlets, 1 double high point and 2 high points.
-Repeat this group of points in each space of the previous round (5 groups in total).
-Une the end of the last tip to the first.

Let’s fill this Christmas with stars !!! : D


The crochet increases your creativity, your self-esteem and improves your emotional well-being. Looking for an easy, beautiful and fast decoration for the Christmas tree? You found it! Christmas is coming and, as a gift, I offer you this tutorial to weave a star and adorn the tree, make a garland, to give as a gift ….

They look very pretty in a single color or mix two strands like I did. These are woven with DMC Natura yarn and a 3.5 mm crochet …

Below is the step-by-step process for making these crochet stars.

We start by weaving 5 dots (pb) in a magic ring


In the second round, we weave 3 dc in each point, with which we will have a total of 15bp



To weave the first tip of the star, we weave 1 sc and 6 chain stitches to the air …


We knit 1 flat point at the second point, 1 low point at the next point, 1 medium point, 1 high point,
1 triple point and another triple point in the same point of the base …




We jump 2 points and we weave 1pb in the next. We already have the first tip made.
We weave 4 more stitches in the same way.







And if you try to weave stars with trapillo, the result is spectacular !!!!!

At the end you can tighten the stars on an ironing table, with the help of pins or thumbtacks, and shape by spraying water, that the fabric is well soaked. When they dry, you will see that they have taken the shape of a star and will be ready to hang on the tree.
A hug and good crochet!





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