Most beautiful beaches and their unforgettable sights

Unique and most beautiful beaches in the world

In the first article on the subject of “Most Beautiful Beaches in the World” we have started to present you with interesting and beautiful destinations. Today we continue with it. Are you ready to continue this beautiful virtual journey? This beach offers the best of California’s beaches. These are dramatic rocks, forests, pastures with green grass and long beaches with golden sand. In some places the sand is even purple red. This nuance is believed to be due to the manganese in the garnet fragments. These are abundant on the rocks near the ocean. Pfeiffer Beach is mainly visited by the locals. However, it is not difficult to find this beach at all. This beach is very small. But it has an interesting peculiarity – it is surrounded by sand on all sides. Gulpiyuri Beach is in a depression. It lies between rocks of limestone, where plenty of grass grows. The sand on this beach is pitch black. This makes its appearance apocalyptic. Again and again green turtles appear and this improves the mood considerably. These animals are huge and they can be observed here all year round. But you are not allowed to touch the turtles. They are protected by the Nature and Environmental Protection Act. We think that the view of this beautiful and peculiar beach speaks for itself. Do you need more explanations about why it is on our list of the most beautiful and peculiar beaches in the world? Pine forests and pebbly-covered land reach deeper into the sea. The shape and size change according to the light. At first glance, everything seems quite normal here. What is so unique here, you will learn as soon as you enter the beach. The sand consists of 99.9% quartz crystals. It is so fine and unique that it squeezes while running. In addition, this surface does not heat up, even in the most hot conditions. Would you like to lie on the beach and at the same time feel like in a spa centre? It all goes together here and it’s free too. There is mineral water under the sand. It bubbles with a temperature of 150 degrees C. Just make a hole and sit in your very own sand spa. This beach is located on an Ionian island in Kefalonia. On this beach you will experience stunning colour contrasts between the snow-white rocks and the dark red beach. Mother Nature has created a miracle on the basis of human pollution. For a long time in the 60s, waste materials from the glass industry were disposed of here. After this was banned, the material was exposed to erosion for many years. The result is this beautiful picture. You may now enjoy it, but you may not take the pieces of glass home with you. Every single piece of sand looks like a little star. Starsandstrand also means the name “Hoshizuna no Hama”. Fascinating, isn’t it? Our list is not complete! There are many other beautiful and peculiar beaches in the world that are just waiting to be discovered. Maybe you can make your own list during your travels, which is even better than ours!

Pfeiffer Beach, California

Gulpiyuri Beach, Llanes, Spanien

Glass Beach, Fort Bragg, California

Most Beautiful Beaches – Whitehaven Beach in Australia


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