The trends of New York Fashion Week 2020

The trends of New York Fashion Week 2020

Preparations for fashion trend studies for 2020 are underway in London, Milan, Paris and around the world. There are selected shows that offer you the most beautiful and pleasant fashion for 2020.

Hot very very beautiful beautiful very beautiful yes yes.
With this perfect fashion selection, it’s easy to capture elegance.

love this collection! Ralph & Russo is always fun and fresh, and the make ups are very pretty🌱

Why can’t every model laugh like that? A smile can do a lot !!

THAT Fendi show is 🔥! I love getting inspiration from these shows and than thrifting these designer pieces 2nd hand! Can’t wait to see how Zara will rip off all of these designs.
Bad News: designers started running out of ideas. These looks r recycled and shouldn’t have been! And these models look like skelatore! It’s time to change the formula.
Good news: we can find all that stuff in second hands, which is better for the planet. So, 90s are back, only two decades after they’ve finished – it’s like literally all of the major designers are saying “we are done, we have no imagination left, sorry”.


To quickly find out what changed in 2020, you can read the following 20 options.

1. Short suits
2. Shirt layering
3. Bermuda shorts
4. Polo shirts
5. Reimagined trench coat
6. Head to toe denim
7. Mini dresses
8. Wear with everything roll neck
9. Tank top
10. 90s make under trend
11. The body is back
12. Chain necklace
13. 90s bags
14. Black and white
15. Dramatic dresses
16. J Lo effect
17. Wanderlust
18. All accessories
19. Practicality
20. Gold hoop earrings

Bonus ugly trend:
Baggy denim jeans

What do you think i will do in 2020? To be honest I think I’ll try to avoid all of the trends. In 2020 I want to focus on buying good quality, classic, timeless, ecological and responsible clothes 🙂


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