As promised: The pattern for the Breezy Summer Bag! I made mine with JungleVine – read more here and here. Of course it would work with other yarn too.Remarks beforehand
♦ I don’t give one size for the bag. You can make it as big as you like by adding chains to the begin chain or by using a more voluminous fibre.
♦ The chart is therefore only schematic, it doesn’t give a specific number of stitches – just the general pattern.

 ♦ I used JungleVine and a 2.7 mm crochet hook.
 ♦ In principle you don’t have to cut your yarn, it’s a ‘in-one-go-pattern’ as it were. This to make you bag as strong as possible. (Of course it depends on the yarn you use if you need to use more balls.)
♦ American crochet terminology.

Bottom of the bag

♦ To start
make a chain (the lenght of this chain will be the length of your bag).♦ Round 1
sc in third chain of your hook, continue dc’ing in every ch st.

♦ Round 2:

turn work, ch 1 and sc in each sc of previous round.

♦ Round 3 to round [x]:
– repeat round 2 until you have the bottom of your bag has the desired size.

– don’t cut yarn
– single crochet along the four sides of the bottom, with 2 sc in each corner.
– don’t cut yarn
Sides of the bag
♦ Round 1
– ch 2 as a first dc, dc in the backloops of every sc of the four sides of the bottom (backloops only because this creates a ridge. The following rounds you crochet through both loops as per usual)
– sl st in 2nd ch of the 2 chains that form the first dc
 ♦ Round 2
– don’t turn turn work
– ch 1, 1 sc in every dc of the previous round
– sl st in 1st sc of this round♦ Round 3
– ch 2 as a first dc, dc in every sc of the previous round
– sl st in 2nd ch of the 2 chains that form the first dc

♦ Round 4 to round [x]
continue alternating round 3 and 4 until your bag has the desired size.

– single crochet on one side of the bag till your handle as the desired width.
– continue in the same fashion of the rest of the bag, alternating sc and dc for every (short) row,
– until your handle has the desired lenght, crochet the last round also through the other side of the bag to attach the handle on that side.
Decorative edge and button hole
– single crochet along the last round of your bag (with another colour)
– sl st in first sc,
– don’t turn work,
– do a 2nd round of sc, but make chain the middle (instead of sc’s) to make a button hole, like you see on the pic below:
And here is the chart, I hope it’s clear, it was a bit difficult to draw… (Please keep in mind that it’s schematic and I don’t give a specific number of stitches because that really depends on the size bag you’d like to make and it doesn’t matter for the basic pattern.)
Okay, that’s it my crafty friends… If you are making this bag I’d love to see it.
Thanks for your visit and have a lovely day!


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