Kintsugi Cake Ideas

Kintsugi is the Japanese practice of fusing together broken pottery with a mixture of resin and gold or silver powder. This pottery is considered to be more beautiful for having.that is probably the best looking Kintsugi cake i’ve ever seen… Your I feel you should show your talent to the world. Keep up the good work, we appreciate simplified methods.

You will fall in love with this cake 🙂  That’s incredible. Absolutely beautiful! I’mare crazy talented!!! 🙂

For those who do not know: Kintsugi or kintsukuroi, which means “gold seam” or “gold repair”, is the Japanese art of repairing a broken ceramic with dusted paint or mixing it with gold, silver or platinum powder. When we apply this effect to the cakes, it looks really spectacular. Just make cracks in the paste and fill with gold paint or make a mixture of golden metal powder with rejuvenator (ethanol) or vodka. You can complete the cracks with gravel or gravel.




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