Industrial Rustic Shelf Tutorial

Today I show you how to build an industrial black pipe shelf! I wanted to make an industrial style wooden shelf with black steel tubing as a mounting material for a cool rustic look. Iron pipe racks are a great way to create an industrial feel in any room without damaging your wallet. Industrial iron pipe racks can be mounted and mounted almost anywhere. These are all over my house. Wall mounting is very easy.

Here is our materials list:

I just brought it to The Home Depot
and had the employees help me find what I needed.
I knew what I needed but hadn’t a clue where to find it all!
(Update: For everything on this list, I paid about $200)

You’ll need to cut the boards to 6′ 6″.
I just had the Home Depot guy do it for me!
The wall behind the cupboards we removed was crusty looking,
so I painted a gray square to go behind the shelves.

Then I lightly smeared the boards with stain,
to make them look aged.

You’ll want to wash the pipes and fittings with dish soap.
Once dried, simply screw the pieces together to look like this:

Once assembled, give it a light coat of black spray paint to help prevent rust. It is ok if there is some rust started, just spray over it.
Once the paint and stain is dry,
screw the first two pipe brackets into the wall through the flanges… You’ll want to hang them on the studs.

Once you have the two secured, add the boards.
We added them at this point so that we wouldn’t have to fight with the doorway once the third pipe bracket was installed.

 Screw in the final piece, and you’re finished!

 Now have fun adding your favorite pieces from your stash! 🙂

Thank you for reading…



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