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Travel to Lombok Island

About the Indonesian island Lombok we hear in most cases somehow coincidentally. The island is not as strongly promoted as Bali for example. But people who have been there before want to go there again. So the beauty there is really unique and many people want to experience it again and again. Lombok is something of an insider’s tip. There are few locals here, tourism is not very developed. One has one’s own peace and much more closeness to nature than in other places. Here one can experience the full pleasure. White beaches, warm and pure water, as well as possibilities for surfing are there, which one likes mostly in the vacation. There’s only one surf club on the island. It is best to organize the trip yourself. Contact Surf Club by email. So you can organize your sports activities in advance during your holiday. At the small airport on which one lands, there is practically nothing. There is even some peace here. The stress that follows is all the more overwhelming. Because the tobacconist’s and the way one drives here are unique. There are few cars on the road, but there are unbelievably many other types of vehicles. But they all have horns and the drivers use them all the time. In principle one drives on the left side. But as I said, only in principle. So many drivers use the right lane that at some point you just get confused.  If you choose Lombok Island and the Surf Club, you’ll come to Gerupuk Beach. You have to be ready for the typical village atmosphere of Indonesia. The houses are small and look more like beach huts. The clothes are traditional, the atmosphere casual and authentic. The camp itself is nothing special, even the conditions are quite adventurous in the eyes of many people. But many traveling surfers love exactly that and find their soul mates here. Whether you are travelling to Indonesia for a normal or an adventurous holiday, you should definitely visit Lambok Island. At least then you should do it if you want to get to know foreign cultures and societies better and more objectively. Lambok is said to be like Bali 30 years ago. So you understand exactly in which direction the local society is developing. Nature is most beautiful here in summer. From October everything is no longer so fresh and green. But you always have beautiful sunrises and sunsets, which spread a magical atmosphere. On Lambok you can also buy many different applied authentic works of art. They are created and sold everywhere by the local population.

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