How to Organize a Small Bathroom to Maximize Your Space!

How to organize a small bathroom to maximize your space! Simple and inexpensive ideas for organizing your bathroom. Including bathroom cabinets, drawers and natural bath cleaners for the bathroom! and most used in the dollar shop. Today I show little ideas for the bathroom organization, but it can be worked in every bathroom.


1. Over the toilet storage- mine is from Target!
2. Pull out mesh drawers
3. Drawer organizers
4. Bin for under the sink pipes
5. Shelf for bathroom cabinet
6. Towel storage [mine is from home goods]
7. Over the door storage for hot tools
8. Pantry containers for bath salts
9. Toilet paper storage
10. Over the shower head storage

It proved to be a real challenge for me to hold this cabinet together. Two weeks ago, I decided I had enough space and tried to find a way to organize this area and hopefully keep it clean.

The simple way to make your bathroom more functional and the way to use a small bathroom cabinet effectively.

My house is not very modern and has no storage space. Linen cupboard, bathroom cabinet etc. I organize my entire bathroom organization and wondered how to increase the space in my small bathroom.

Thank you so much for reading. Enjoy my storage and organization series…



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