How to breathe during physical exercise – Patrick McKeown explains

How should you breathe during physical exercise
If you do a Google search of breathing during physical exercise
Generally the instruction website
You have to break through an open mouth because you’re going to feel too much of an air hunger
If you try and do physical exercise with your mouth closed
Let’s look at this
So Runners the vast majority of runners in the western borrowed would run with her mouth open

Why do runners breathe
Open maps
It’s not efficient
It’s not increasing oxygen uptake
It’s not increasing oxygen delivery to the cells
It’s keeping the body in the more fight or flight response
Atlas trauma to the Airways
So I’m going to Advocate nasal breathing during physical exercise
When you first switch nasal breathing during physical exercise
You’re going to feel stronger air hunger
Does the newest is a small Rancher
And as a result
Because the nose is a small red tree there’s a resistance to your breathing
The novice generally during the day during wakefulness
Great resistance to buy two to three times out of the month
So that resistance is going to slow down your breathing at that resistance
Is going to restrict your breathing or reduce the amount of air that you’re taking into your lungs
If you continuously train with nasal breathing
Overpaid of tents 12 weeks
Amazing adaptations when happen
Better countries of to improving Fitness levels
So initially it’s tougher
You feeling air hunger
And it’s difficult because you’re feeling that Tituba for suffocation
But then your body makes adaptation
You don’t need as much air
Breakeven amount of physical exercise
National fact one study showed
The gas change in the Bloods
With my breathing was 40 mL of mercury pressure does carbon dioxide
And with nasal breathing it was 44 mm of mercury pressure
Another words when subjects train
For six months breathing in and out through their nose
After a six-month period
The subject stand were investigated
What were the gas
In the blood
What’s carbon dioxide when they are breathing to an open Match
Versus carbon dioxide
Madera breathing through their nose
Carbon dioxide when they were breathing through their nose was significantly higher
Big difference
Because the body is very sensitive
To the accumulation of carbon dioxide
Not if there’s an increased carbon dioxide in the blood
Sharpen knives that is not just a waste gas
People often say
Getting as much oxygen as you can
I got rid of as much carbon dioxide as you can
But people don’t realize
Desmond oxygen passes from the lungs into the blood
Infamous carried by hemoglobin within the blood
Carbon dioxide that’s the catalyst
Ford red blood cells to release oxygen to the cells
This is called the Bohr effect
This was discovered in 1904
So if you have a runner
Who is after
You know becoming accustomed to nasal breathing over a period of time
They would have an improve CO2 level in the blood
Improve posture partial pressure
Anna CO2 is the cop disruption to be released
We can argue
That more often is getting delivered to the South
With nasal breathing versus my pretty
And it’s not just about the oxygen that’s getting delivered to the cell
It’s also about the auction.
The Bloods
Because when you breathe through your nose you’re carrying yard deeper into the lungs
You’re trying not to go outside inside lungs
And ventilation perfusion increases notarized the gas exchange improves when you breathe through your nose
Diaphragmatic breathing is also
Linked with nasal breathing
Hunter die from breathing muscle is not just for respiration
But it’s for stabilization it’s for posture and it’s for stabilization of the spine
Co-promoter control
Improve functional movement
To reduce risk of injury
Is very
It’s very important
That we are breathing
Using the main breathing muscle
So in a nutshell
Why should runners breathe through an open mouth
If it’s going to reduce oxygen uptake in the blood
If it’s going to reduce oxygen delivery
If it’s going to a the functional movement
If it’s not going to be efficient
Because when you adapt to nasal breathing again over period of time
You could do a lot more exercise
For the given amount of hair
Because there’s an oxygen costs associated with breathing
If you’re sitting there watching this
You’re expanding about to 3% of your rocks
Just supporting your breathing
If you go from moderate physical exercise
Light jog for example
If you do intense exercise
Dubai 10% of your VO2
So if the oxygen you take into your body
Energy costs associated with supporting the breathing muscles
Drink intense physical exercise it’s 10%
Android maximum physical exercise
It’s between about 13 and 50
That’s a lot of oxygen
Just going to support your breathing muscles
Our food make your breathing more efficient
That you don’t need
To be using
You don’t need to be exercising you don’t in other words
You don’t need to be breathing so hard
Forgiveness hence the alteration of physical exercise
Party photography
You can achieve much more with the same amount of effort
So by changing and improving your breathing efficiency
And also when you breathe through your nose you have to maintain diaphragmatic strength
Because nasal breathing is adding an extra load onto the breathing muscle
You know sometimes
It’s not as if we’re taking one step back to goes two steps forward
But I would say any person who is involved in sports perform
Start the voting
Some of your training
Breathing in and out through the nose
The benefits are amazing
It will improve your Fitness levels
It will improve your recovery
It’s also very helpful in terms of dealing with anxiety
Inno4 stuck in that pattern of
Fast approaches breathing were more likely to be in fight or flight response
We’re stopping at sympathetic tone
So yeah
Make the switch
The battle for the start
Fairweathers be persistent
Go to the page that you can sustain as of breathing
If you’re hungry gets too much just back off a little bit
And if your Airways are very compromised if you
Are we like mine and very small nostrils
It may have to get a nasal dilator
An appropriate University basically expands your nostrils
Do nasal dilator is based on the cost maneuver
But one finger here month finger here
Ugenti price your nostrils
And that would create more space that you can maintain nasal breathing during physical X
I would say she would give it a go


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