Hotes to dream – ideas for the long awaited holiday!

Most people can immediately name a destination they would like to visit for a few weeks. Distant destinations, which many citizens know only from books and films, are usually among them. But what exactly distinguishes a dream holiday – and where can you relax in a particularly cozy way?

Follow your own dreams
Before the holiday season, many households start browsing through the travel catalogues and clicking through the tourism websites. Nevertheless, only a few citizens actually fulfil the wishes they have had for years. The safari in Africa, the midsummer night in Norway or diving in the Caribbean often belong to such desires. How exactly a dream trip has to look like is as different as every personal taste. Nevertheless, some criteria and destinations can be picked out which make the holiday much more pleasant and thus make a memorable trip possible even for a small budget.

Pay attention to the local conditions
Those who want to fulfill a dream that has been cherished for a long time should not, however, proceed alone with the selection of the goal with a high claim. Even the shift of the seasons can cross some travel plans. If you set off for Africa in June, July and August, you will find cold and winter feeling instead of picturesque sunsets. The language barrier that may be present on distant continents should also be taken into account. It can usually be solved with a few chunks of different dialects – but it still stands in the way of an undisturbed and harmonious journey.

Does reality live up to what the catalogue promises?

Statistically, two out of three holidaymakers experience accommodation that does not correspond to the provider’s statements. Minor deficiencies may be overlooked. If the food is bad, there are hygienic problems or the hoped for swimming pool has not yet survived the construction phase, there may be a reason for justified complaints. It is therefore better to assess the hotel of your choice as accurately as possible in advance through several independent tests and travel reports. If doubts about the promises in the catalogue can be found, the overnight stay of the dream journey is booked in another house.

Explore foreign continents
But where do holidaymakers end up when all the basic conditions have been defined and their personal wishes defined? Of course: blue skies, clear water and white sandbanks are still very much appreciated. The paradisiacal conditions preferred by many citizens, however, can usually only be found at a great distance. Australia, New Zealand and the whole area of the South Pacific as well as the Indian Ocean with Sri Lanka and the Maldives are especially popular. Although the flight to these destinations is considered comparatively long, the mostly picturesque holiday resorts compensate for the effort and costs. It is not unusual to find the wonderful idyll of one’s own dreams in one of the many breathtaking Maldives hotels.

Europe also has a lot to offer
However, it is not always necessary to actually travel that far. European destinations are also becoming increasingly popular. The Balearic Islands, Mallorca as well as the French and Spanish coasts are already accessible for comparatively small costs – because this can also be a criterion for the dream holiday. Here, mostly water and mountains meet seemingly endless landscapes. The mild climate invites you to linger and relax throughout the year. Even the already mentioned language barrier is usually smaller than on distant continents. Nothing stands in the way of your personal dream journey.


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