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Floor plan Legend

The square meters in the floor plans always indicate the living space. If two details are available, one data refers to the usable area, the other to the living space.

Category “Timeless Classics”
Classics have always stood for well-tried quality that you can rely on – that applies to furniture or watches as well as to houses. No wonder, then, that most home builders resort to well-known architectural patterns in their own home and opt for a classic gable roof house in muted colors. And this decision is evidence of foresight, after all, you never know what trends come and go. In a timeless classic like the following designs, you will still feel well in ten years!

1. Double-thought-Egg House 10.0







With this design, the interesting roof construction immediately catches the eye: on the saddle roof, another sloped roof was installed on the entrance side. This ensures dry feet when entering the house – and the dirt lock in the hallway does not have to be that big. Instead, you can immediately reach the spacious and light-filled living room, which merges into the cooking area via the corner. The private rooms are classically under the roof.








house data
Example house 10.0
Living area ground floor: 74.88 m²
Living area upstairs: 68.02 m²
Total living space: 142.90 m²
Outside dimensions: 11.30 m x 9.20 m


2. Chic country house – example house 17.0


At first glance, this prestigious property will provide enthusiastic views of residents and visitors. Significantly involved in the stately look is the large bay window, which extends over two floors. This creates on the ground floor a cozy window seat in the large living area and a spacious and bright bathroom upstairs. Here, the family can end the day relaxed.


house data
Example house 17.0
Living area ground floor: 97.04 m²
Living area upstairs: 92.53 m²
Total living area: 189.57 m²
Outside dimensions: 14,49 m x 13,99 m

3. Noble splashes of color – example house 18.0


Everything fits like a glove: The elegant exterior is discreet and timeless, but not boring thanks to the individual blackberry accents. The facade retreat on the garden side also contributes to this positive impression. As a result, a small covered terrace and a balcony with modern all-glass railing could be realized.



house data
Example house 18.0
Living area ground floor: 62.38 m²
Living area upstairs: 58.63 m²
Total living space: 121.01 m²
Outside dimensions: 8.99 m x 10.49 m



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