Home Cooked Beef Roulade

Hello everybody, imagine that you have must a special guest, then you have to cook a specific food like a beef roulade that bed in tomato sauce. With our recipe you can do it so effortlessly by minimum least budget.

4 beef roulade(s)
Bacon, fat
2 large onion(s)
2 gherkin(s) (Spreewald) from the glass
1/2 small carrot(s)
Paprika powder, noble sweet
lemon juice
salt and pepper
bay leaf
Marjoram, dried
Celery, dried
Tomato paste, from the tube

Working time:approx: 45 minutes

Cooking time: approx. 2 hours

Level of difficulty: Clever

Calories p. p.: not specified

Dab the beef roulades and, if necessary, broadly tap with salt, pepper and mustard. It helps to more become delicious.
Then cut the fat bacon, as cool as possible, into very thin strips, also cut the gherkins and the onion into strips and put this as filling on the roulades and roll them up with a white string. Sprinkle the rolled roulades with sweet paprika and saute in an old iron pot in the margarine.

Then fry the second onion with the finely chopped carrot and a dash of tomato puree to taste, you can also take tomatoes. This should be nice and strong and then you can fill up with water.

Add the bay leaf, 1 pinch of marjoram (you should not taste it out), salt and the dried, ground celery leaves, but not too much of it either.

Now bring the roulades to the boil and simmer for about 1 1/2 hours to 2 hours until soft. Finally, just before serving, add the ground pepper and a dash of lemon.


With watch this clip we show you simply elegant home cooking today and this will share a recipe for flank steak rule eight that is very easy recipe but it gives you an elegant result that can impress your friends and family.


Must of us think that only professional chefs can cook a good beef roulade. A beef roulade that cooked in home can be great and fantastic, you can learn more and mix the old recipe with new and have specific your own recipe, just try to do the test and error to approach a good and delicious result.

At the end before the main meal you can have fantastic appetizer like soup. For more link on link.

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