Home Building Project Windows Part I


Our windows were finally delivered to the lot today! I believe they were supposed to arrive a week ago, so we were really happy to finally see them. I love every detail of the windows we selected. The exterior color is “desert sand”, which is beige. This will be nice on the outside of the house because it will blend well, and not stand out as a main focal point. The interior is white, which will be easy to pair with different wall colors. The prarie grill is on the top of the window, and bottom is clear glass. We specifically chose this design because it does offer a Craftsman look, and it will not obstruct our views of the canyon.

Window Design

Front right side (Master bedroom/bathroom/closet). We selected a wide prarie grill picture window for over the whirlpool tub in the master bathroom. This will allow for great natural light into the bathroom.

Windows in the breakfast nook

Great room windows.

All of the windows were installed downstairs, and unfortunately, there was one casualty. The top portion of one window in the breakfast nook was completely busted out.

Loads and loads of bricks were delivered. I am excited to see the changes that are about to happen on the exterior of the house.


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