Home Building Project Tile & Trim

Tile & Trim

The interior of the house is really beginning to take shape. The laundry room and bathroom floors have been tiled and grouted. We used Romanza Ivory tile in the master bathroom, and Romanza Noche in the laundry room & upstairs bathrooms. The Romanza Ivory is white with a small amount of beige. Romanza Noche is light and dark tan.

We chose to upgrade to a diagonally laid tile for the master bathroom.

(Laundry room)

I was so excited to see the GORGEOUS glass tiles and fireplace tiles were delivered. The beige (1×2 subway) tiles will be installed as accent bands around the master shower and tub. The multicolored (1×1 square) tiles will be the kitchen backsplash.

The trim is in the process of being installed. All of the baseboards are down, doors & casings are up, and the crown molding should be finished tomorrow.

(Breakfast Nook)

(Master Bedroom)

(Upstairs Hallway)


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