Home Building Project Framing and roof completed

Framing Completed

The framing has finally been completed. A lot of progress was made between yesterday and today. The first picture below was taken yesterday afternoon; the second picture was taken this afternoon. Obviously, the framing crew has really worked hard over the past week!

Next step…roofing!



With the exception of a small section, all of the shingles have been applied to the roof. We were so shocked to see that the was done because of it being a holiday weekend. The roof we used is Heritage Weather Wood. It is a rusty brown/black color. This is a great alternative to the traditional black shingle. A temporary staircase was also built. It was so exciting to see the upstairs.

They have also started applying what we call “Pratt Wrap”. This is the house wrap that helps to prevent outside water from entering walls, along with sealing the house to keep outside air from entering. The right side and 1/3 of the back of the house were wrapped.


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