Halloween Costumes: Check out those spooky and cute Halloween costumes!



Vintage polka dot witch costume with lace orange

Vintage polka dot witch costume with lace orange
Vintage polka dot witch costume with lace orange

Sweet retro witch costume with dots

Turn yourself into a sugar sweet witch in a retro look! Our premium Vintage Polka Dot Witch Costume with Lace Orange accentuates your feminine side and puts you on stage perfectly on the next midnight ball. The witch ladies costume with dots is playfully designed and looks super-cute. Of course, a suitable witch hat must not be missing. Matching with your Polka Dots costume, this comes with small dots.

The Vintage Polka Dot Witch Costume with Lace Orange is a figure-hugging Halloween Ladies Costume with polka dots. A top with puff sleeves and ruffle hem on the décolletage provides the polka dot print for a retro feel. The witch’s dress is dotted under the chest to the hem orange and black. Above the hips lies a transparent net in the shape of a prong and forms a nice contrast to the bright orange. Wear our striped tights black-orange or a transparent fishnet tights.


Lavara Witch Costume

Lavera witch costume-with-belt and witch-hat-Lavera-witch costume-with-belt-and-witch-hat
Lavera witch costume-with-belt and witch-hat-Lavera-witch costume-with-belt-and-witch-hat

Halloween Witch Costume with Stand Collar, Belt & Witch Hat

Lavera witch costume-with-belt and witch-hat-Lavera-witch costume-with-belt-and-witch-hat
Lavera witch costume-with-belt and witch-hat-Lavera-witch costume-with-belt-and-witch-hat

When the witches climb the mystic rock on Walpurgis Night to celebrate together at full moon, the magic can begin. Become a member of the coven and wear the Lavara Witch costume with purple accents. The witches disguise can be worn on Halloween, Carnival & Walpurgis Night and is the perfect costume for scary parties.

The Lavara Witch Costume consists of a black witch dress with contrasting applications in radiant violet. Of course there is a pointed witch hat, which is equipped with a purple ribbon. The classic Halloween disguise for women is available. Even more Halloween Plus Size costumes and fantastic witch costumes can be found in our online shop. There is also the sexy noble witch costume for your daring appearance!


Victorian vampire costume

Victorian-vampire-deluxe kostuem-halloween-cladding-bloodsucker-graefin-victorian-vampire-costume-36242.jpg
Victorian-vampire-deluxe kostuem-halloween-cladding-bloodsucker-graefin-victorian-vampire-costume

High quality & elegant bloodsucker costume dress for women

The night is yours! Race through the Halloween night as a bloodsucking vampire lady and enchant your victims in your breathtaking look. Victorian Vampire Costume is an absolute eye-catcher and transforms you into an elegant vampire of the Victorian era. The historical vampire costume for women looks very noble and is equipped with many details. Your short vampire costume in Victorian style comes with a pretty headdress and a stand-up collar.

You get a Victorian vampire costume consisting of a short costume dress, a stand-up collar and a hairband. The vampire costume dress in Victorian style is cut short and decorated with red ruffles at the hem. Red buckles at the waist are another eye-catcher. The sleeves are made of black, semi-transparent fabric, which is slightly puffed. A stand-up collar, and a hairband with hat complete the Victorian vampire costume. Visually, the carnival disguise is reminiscent of a mix of sexy burlesque and circus costume. It can be perfectly combined with tights and high heels. Also fits our Victorian Vampiress Deluxe Costume


Day of the Dead Skeleton Bride Costume

gothic skeleton-brews-damenkostuem Halloween Costume skeleton-bride-costume
gothic skeleton-brews-damenkostuem Halloween Costume skeleton-bride-costume

Elegant goth wedding dress as a ladies costume for Halloween

Not only on the day of the dead Sugar Skull ladies & gentlemen make the area unsafe. Also on Halloween, Day of The Dead costumes for women and men are absolutely trendy. This beautiful women’s Halloween costume captivates with dark elegance – just right to spread a chill mood on October 31st. The Day of The Dead Skeleton Bride Costume consists of a black Halloween costume dress with a hoop skirt and a bridal veil. With a matching Dia De Los Muertos make-up you will become the beautiful, black bride and get in no time the yes-word of your groom.

The Day of The Dead Skeleton Bride Costume is a Halloween costume for women. It is available in size S-L and features a black Dia de Los Muertos costume dress with a hoop skirt and a dark bridal veil. Small skull ornaments and tiny bats make a nice contrast to the black day of the dead dress. In the chest area and on the sleeves there is a bone print that reinforces the skeleton look. For this skeleton ladies dress fits our Day of the Dead make up set and a black bridal bouquet with roses as a costume accessory.


Dia de los Muertos bridal costume

dia-los-muertos-braut kostüm-day-of-dead-herrenkostüm-bild
dia-los-muertos-braut kostüm-day-of-dead-herrenkostüm-bild

Sugar Skull bridal gown with headband for Halloween

Disguise yourself on Halloween with the Dia de los Muertos bridal costume & become a Spanish skeleton dancer! The many great details make you a racy bride on Halloween & the day of the dead.

The black Dia de los Muertos bridal costume in the racy Spanish dancer look has a 4-ply ruffle skirt with tulle and roses as well as a shiny black satin layer that gets longer at the back. The top of the costume dress with optical red lacing & sequins on the chest & red ruffles on the neckline has 3/4 long lace sleeves. In addition, you will receive from us a hairband with red & black roses and a black lace veil, which will make your Day of the Dead costume perfect. All you need is the right make-up that you can achieve with the Day of the Dead makeup set, the tights with skeleton motif and the Day of the Dead fingernails.


Ghoulina Ghost Ship Pirate

Disguise yourself as a mystical ghost pirate

A strong, big pirate has some real advantages over the standard pirate. For one thing, sailors are afraid of women who always bring bad luck at sea. Pirates are not their favorite guests on board. So you can confuse her at the same time as a woman and rob as a pirate. Being an undead mind with a ghost ship makes things even easier.

The ghost pirate costume consists of a top, a skirt, a short jacket and a pirate hat. The costume is made of gray marbled fabric with stitched scraps of gray bandage. The top is provided with an elastic band and is worn without straps. Under the chest are two straps with buckles, on the sides of the top is extended by fabric pieces. The short jacket has serrated cuts at the hem and on the sleeves. The long skirt also has a serrated hem. The classic tricorn is made of lighter fabric than the rest of the costume. All you need is a Pirate Pistol, an Ancient Skull Sword, and the Ghoulilocks Zombie Wig Blonde to successfully cross the Seven Seas for prey.



Eistership Zombie Pirate Costume

Costume yourself now as an eerie zombie pirate bride

Extraordinary costumes like the Ghost Ship Pirate Costume are a fantastic way to dress individually and celebrate your chosen motto. Stand out from the crowd with the costume of an infected zombie pirate costume and catch it on the zombie walk. With the ghost ship pirate costume and included leggings you can perfectly celebrate Carnival, Carnival and Halloween.

Imaginative costumes, such as the atmospheric costume of the Ghost Pirate, will make you feel good at any costume party. The daring costume consists of dress, the black and white striped leggings, the pirate headscarf, a belt and the classic eye patch. Get now our Ghost Ship Zombie Pirate Costume and get it a new favorite piece for your costume fund. Just order our Blackhawk Pirate Sword 70cm and the feathered parrot red and blue.


Creepy Clown Mini Dress Costume

It does not have to be Pennywise to represent a Creepy Clown!

You’ll float too! Who would have thought: The good old Pennywise has triggered a true fashion trend in Derry. All love his costume and know what they are going to wear on Halloween and Halloween: Our Creepy Clown Mini Dress Costume is a horror clown costume for women. The costume consists of a clown mini dress with pompoms and a ruffled collar. You can bring your look to the climax with spooky wigs, horror clown makeup and lots of fake blood – or simply combine your women’s Halloween Clown costume with a red balloon. In our online shop you will find even more ingenious Killerclown costumes for women, men and children as well as many spooky accessories!

The Creepy Clown Mini Dress Costume is a Halloween Ladies Costume. The clown dress is cut very short, has gray puffed sleeves and comes with a white, gathered ruffled collar. The Halloween costume can be opened and closed on the back with a zipper. You can combine the Halloween Clown Dress with accessories such as tights, a wild wig and a matching longsleeve. This fits our Bloody Ombre wig Deluxe gray-red and the white tights with blood spatters.


Midnight Reaper woman costume

Midnight Man Woman Costume - Halloween Reaper Mens Costume - Grim Reaper Woman Costume
Midnight Man Woman Costume – Halloween Reaper Mens Costume – Grim Reaper Woman Costume

Skeleton Grim Reaper Halloween costume for women

Become a female grim reaper and support the Reaper in collecting the souls into the world of the dead. The Reaper costume for women is perfect for partnering as a deadly team at the next Halloween party. In the Midnight Reaper costume you decide who is allowed to party and who goes with you. Swing the scythe and become a female grim reaper in convincing Halloween costume.

The Midnight Reaper women’s costume is a Halloween costume for women and consists of a grim reaper costume with a hood, a pair of gloves and a chain that is wrapped around the waist. The long grim reaper costume dress has pointed rags on the hem and very long fabric sleeves. The gloves as well as the chest area are provided with bone patterning so it looks like a human skeleton is hidden under your costume. The costume is soft and available. You can buy a fake scythe in our shop. Ghost Sense Economy.


Nurse of the death costume


Dress up for Halloween as a bloody horror nurse

Hospitals are really no place to stay for a long time. But sometimes it’s the only way to recover from a nasty illness or accident. You are quite happy when a friendly nurse opens the pillow, brings food or cares for aching wounds. If you think that you become a compassionate care angel with our nurse costume, you are wrong. The horror nurse costume turns you into a murdering ward lady. Your job is not to nurse patients, but to promote them to the afterlife. The only ones who feel “well looked after” by you are your zombie patients. If they feel too alive, you simply inject a poisonous substance into the Nurse of the Death Costume. The Nurse Halloween costume with blood stains transforms you into the nightmare of every doctor’s patient.

This spooky Halloween costume for women consists of a nurse costume dress with blood spots, an apron with an ambulance cross and a nurse headgear. The sexy horror nurse costume is a short dress with tattered, bloody hem and puffed sleeves. You get the bloody nurse disguise in S, M & L size. Look forward to a comfortable Halloween costume made of soft fabric and a unique horror look. Even for the notorious zombie walk, the horror nurse costume is the perfect choice. The bleeding Scream Machete and the white tights with blood spatters are also available in our online shop.


Day of the Dead Catrina Costume

Show yourself as a sexy Dia de los Muertos Lady

The loud exclaimed Wow! on the day of the dead you are guaranteed with this costume! As a sexy undead, who attracts everyone’s attention in her Day of the Dead Catrina costume, you rock over the dance floor and enjoy the Halloween or the motto party of your life. Be as lively and colorful as a Sugar Skull lady can be. Pay homage to the day of the dead with a special outfit!

The eye-catching Day of the Dead Catrina costume consists of four parts. The centerpiece is, of course, the beautiful colorful costume dress that captivates by the cheerful colors red, pink and yellow on the fluttering skirt and the beautiful workmanship with the black lace. But also the great bone and intestinal look of the upper part is impressive. The headband fascinates with the romantic roses in red and yellow and the black bridal veil. The grandiose costume ensemble is complemented by the black lace arm cuffs. Matching this you can also wear the Day of the Dead tights.


Sexy Nurse Costume Set

sexy_ sick sister_ costume -sexy_ nurse_ costume
sexy_ sick sister_ costume -sexy_ nurse_ costume

3-piece wet-look nurse costume for the Bachelor Party

With the sexy Nurse costume set you bring the party Bachelors in a buzz! Bringing a striptease to the bachelor party with the erotic midnight nurse disguise will take your breath away, and the party crowd will definitely need immediate emergency care from the impulsive nurse in a lascivious wet-look costume. Experience an interesting role-playing game with the eager doctor’s assistant disguise as a stripper at a provocative bachelor party!

The three-piece sexy Nurse costume set consists of a black dress, a seductive hairband and removable suspenders. The soft, elastic nurse dress provides freedom of movement and is designed in unrestrained wet look, much like paint. Underneath the chest you will find a high-quality zipper with which you can show more or less of your bulky bust at will. Underneath a red stripe with a bib on which a black cross is sewn. From the underarm to the lower hem, the skin-tight costume dress is decorated with a sexy net at the side. The short sleeves were adorned with red envelopes. The upper back is almost completely visible in the form of a circle. Inside the hem you will find the attachment for the four red – included in the set – removable suspenders. With the cheeky fetish costume set, the nurses shoes with ankle straps and the sexy fetish whip in the role of a highly erotic midnight nurse and seduce the pleasure-loving men party group!


Zombie waitress costume

zombie waitress costume zombie costumes
zombie waitress costume zombie costumes

Miss, in the blue uniform! Two fried brains, please!

Most likely, you will not find fresh or delicious food in this restaurant. Here the entire staff was attacked by scary zombies. With their great uniforms, for example, with the zombie waitress costume, you can really score on Halloween!

Our zombie waitress costume set includes a blue minidress and a white hood. The decollete dress has zigzag sleeves, a matching zigzag hem and a white collar. At the waist, a white apron with a bloody eye adorns the zombie waitress costume, which by the way a hungry zombie had already bitten. As a scary decoration, the entire zombie waitress costume including the hood was splashed with numerous bloodstains for a frightening Halloween effect. To your sexy curves and our mini dress fit a pair of fishnet stockings white wonderfully. For more tips and ideas for Halloween, visit Horror-Shop.com


Ballet skeleton costume

Skeleton ballerina with bone motif as imprint

Ballet Skeleton Costume - Skeleton Ballerina Disguise Halloween - Sexy Skeleton Dress
Ballet Skeleton Costume – Skeleton Ballerina Disguise Halloween – Sexy Skeleton Dress

Dance the “Dance Macabre” with the sexy ballet skeleton costume and celebrate your Halloween party or do the evil spirits in the carnival. Disguised as a ballerina with the fantastic-looking ballet skeleton costume, you will compete with the black swan and conquer your place on the stage.

Ballet Skeleton Costume - Skeleton Ballerina Disguise Halloween - Sexy Skeleton Dress
Ballet Skeleton Costume – Skeleton Ballerina Disguise Halloween – Sexy Skeleton Dress

The Ballet Skeleton Costume is a strapless dress with a tutu. The dress is black and has stylized skeleton bones imprinted. It can be worn with no straps because of an elastic at the top, but a few transparent straps are also included. The tutu, made of three layers of gauze fabric, alternates between black, white and black again, standing almost horizontally outwards. The tights with skeletal motif are made as for the costume, as well as the black skeleton pumps with bone motif and a few long skeleton hands white.


Zombie schoolgirl costume

Zombie Schoolgirl Costumes High School Halloween Disguise School Uniform Horror Costumes
Zombie Schoolgirl Costumes High School Halloween Disguise School Uniform Horror Costumes

Horror school uniform for the zombie walk and Halloween

Zombie Schoolgirl Costumes High School Halloween Disguise School Uniform Horror Costumes
Zombie Schoolgirl Costumes High School Halloween Disguise School Uniform Horror Costumes

The dreary school life comes to an end with our horror school uniform. Once the epidemic breaks out, all schools will be teeming with bloodthirsty zombies. Turn the next prom into a zombie contest.

The zombie schoolgirl costume consists of the gray bloodied and tattered jacket with a sewed on blood-smeared white blouse, a black / red plaid mini skirt and a likewise black / red plaid tie with elastic band. The gas mask with a filter is a great accessory.


Sexy amethyst

Sexy Witch Costume for Walpurgis Night & Halloween

The uncrowned Queen of the Night is an extravagant and erotic carnival or Halloween costume that will cause a stir.

The premium costume consists of a black long-sleeved top, which is laced on the front and merges into the sewn-on mini skirt. In addition to the Amethyst Fairy costume, the cape is made of soft chiffon and the adorable witch hat is made of velvet. The sexy fishnet tights black and the broom are not incl.


Zombie bride kids costume

Zombie Bride Kids Costume Ghost Bride Fillets- for- Girls- Halloween- Bride Costumes
Zombie Bride Kids Costume Ghost Bride Fillets- for- Girls- Halloween- Bride Costumes

Creepy Halloween disguise for your appearance as a living dead

Let’s go to the zombie walk with our zombie bridal kids costume! The three-piece disguise in dark appearance makes you on the upcoming Halloween celebrations and theme parties under warranty to the absolute eye-catcher!

The zombie bridal kids costume consists of dress, veil and bouquet. The dress of the Halloween disguise for children has the typical look of bridal gowns, however, is strewn with stylized blood spatters and ragged through with shreds. Faux pearls and embroidered skulls as well as a red rose adorn the undead bridal disguise for children in addition. The veil is attached to a hairband, decorated with gray roses and is easily inserted into the hair. A fabric cover ensures that the headband does not press. Rounding out the living-dead-children costume of a long-stemmed red rose. We recommend The Walking Dead Make Up Set and a Bottle of Blood Artifice.


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