Green Juices – Vital Substance Bombs for Weight Loss and Detoxification

In fact I didn’t like the green juices but as you know that how much green juice is essential for our health. OK let’s get started to learn more!

first of all, what is green juice? While it might turn out green, it doesn’t have to be. Green juice typically consists of various green vegetables (hence its name), fruit, and other ingredients. Even when you add every color of the rainbow from blueberries to beets, using mostly green vegetables will probably create a green-colored juice.

Green juices are highly concentrated and easily tolerated vital substance bombs for weight loss and detoxification! They supply your body quickly and easily with vitamins, minerals, secondary plant substances and enzymes. Instead of throwing everything into your mixer as usual, you simply juice fruits and vegetables. Together with a lot of plant green you get a very liquid, green plant sap.

In this article I explain the production of green juices, the advantages and disadvantages compared to green smoothies and finally I present two green juice recipes.

First: This is How Green Juices Work!

Green juices are juiced in a juicer. Well-known juicers for this are the Kurvings Silent Juicer or the Green Star Elite Juicer. The juicers separate the solid from the liquid components. On one side the juice flows out of the machine and on the other side the pomace (the solid plant constituents or “waste”).

In contrast to green smoothies, where you crush the whole fruit or plant in a container.

(Note: You do not have to throw away the pomace (“solid mass”). Use crackers as a base for raw vegetables. Mix in linseed, sesame and/or sunflower seeds, spread the mixture thinly on a baking tray and dry at 40 degrees in the oven or drying appliance.)

Why Would You Drink Green Juices?

1. The best and quick way to get energizing hit of phytonutrients 

Green juice is a convenient and quick way to get an energizing hit of phytonutrients – all those good-for-you vitamins, minerals, chlorophyll and antioxidants. A well-made green juice is full of detox-boosting properties and is a convenient way to increase your consumption of greens. A juice is made by extracting the fiber (or pulp) from fruits and vegetables in a juicer so that we’re only left with a completely liquid drink.

2. Green Juices are Lower in Calories
Most of the macronutrients (protein, long-chain carbon hydrates such as starch and fats) and the dietary fibers end up in the Marc. The pure plant sap with micronutrients (vitamins, minerals, secondary plant substances) is preserved.

3. Green Juices Give You an Energy Kick
The single sugar contained (glucose, fructose) reaches the blood faster and causes the blood sugar level to rise very quickly, which gives your body an energy kick, but also results in an abrupt drop.
I still feel sustainably energized after half a liter of green plant sap. This is mainly due to the large dose of vitamins, minerals and secondary plant substances.


4. Green Juices are More Easily Tolerated
Green juices are better tolerated than green smoothies and you can do less wrong as a beginner. For example, root vegetables (carrots, beetroot, etc.) can be juiced together with fruits without causing digestive problems.

Or is your body overwhelmed by the large amount of fiber in the green smoothies? Then green juices can also be a better start. Green smoothies are also a good alternative for Vata or Vata-Pitta types after Ayurveda, which tend to tolerate green smoothies worse.

Do green juices also have disadvantages?

Yes, they do:

  1. Green juices ensure a faster increase in blood sugar, as there are no fibers in the juice.
  2. Green juices have a poor shelf life and oxidize very quickly. You should therefore drink them immediately after juicing. I recommend storing them in the refrigerator for only a few hours.
  3. Green juices are less satiating. You’ll be hungry sooner.
  4. Some of the vitamins and minerals are wasted and remain in the waste (pomace).

What’s healthier now? Green smoothies or green juices?
Green Juice

Many of us on the journey to greater health have often wondered which is better: A green juice or a green smoothie? While they both offer highly available, easily absorbable nutrients, there must be reasons why one might be better than the other. There is no right or wrong answer. Green juices are good as a low-calorie drink if you are trying to lose weight, detoxify and/or have a sensitive digestive system at the same time.

Green juices are also better when you are ill and don’t feel like solid food. If I’m going in the direction of a cold, then I notice how I have less desire for smoothies and more desire for green juices. The cold doesn’t break out at all or appears only very weakly. Theoretically, green smoothies are healthier because they have a slower blood sugar level increase and a broader and better nutrient profile.

But I don’t think much about what is healthier on paper anymore. Fact is both is good for your body. Sometimes I just don’t feel like green smoothies and drink green juices for a few days instead. I recommend to listen more to your body! He knows best when and why something is good for you! 😉

2 Green Juice Recipes I drink frequently:

A simple green juice for the whole year

  1. 5 handfuls of spinach or 1 head of salad
  2. 1 bunch parsley
  3. 3-4 stems celery stalks
  4. 1/2 cucumber
  5. 2 oranges
  6. 1 apple

Green juice: “Immune Booster” for autumn and winter

  1. 2 handfuls lamb’s lettuce
  2. 1 handful of kale or black cabbage
  3. 1/2 cucumber
  4. 2-3 carrots
  5. 3 (small) apples
  6. 1 thumb-sized piece of ginger
  7. juice of half a lemon


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