Find the perfect bra in five steps


A new study states that 99% of women have uneven breasts. No wonder so many women never find a matching bra. Especially if the Council left much to be desired. There are exactly five criteria that must be right and you have the perfect bra.

New bra for different sized breasts

With the five steps you will find the right bra for every breast. What should a woman do if her breasts are different in size? Such asymmetry is quite normal but often causes problems because the cups in the normal bras are always the same size. However, the solution will soon come for breasts of different sizes: You can see how it works in the video.

Are you wearing the right size bra? How can you be sure? In this video, I teach you how to find the perfect size for your body, how to identify an poorly fitting bra, and just where you can go to find bras that truly fit YOU!

It is important to first measure the under bust circumference. To do this, place a measuring tape under the breast. As a guideline: The underbust circumference of 78 to 82 centimeters corresponds to size 80.

The cup size is determined by measuring the chest circumference at its highest point on the chest. The difference between chest circumference and underbust circumference then gives the so-called ‘cup’ size. For orientation: A difference of 12 to 14 centimeters means Cup A, 14 to 16 centimeters difference are usually a B-Cup.


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