Fast weight loss: 7 effective exercises, 11 minutes a day

Hello, please read it so fast, yes we know you pressed by time and have no time for exercise, we take just 11 min of your time everyday for make fit you. OK let’s start!

It has been no secret for a long time: if you really want to lose weight quickly, you also have to do sports. Without physical activity, energy consumption is simply not high enough to burn fat quickly.

Since many people nowadays have less and less time, training at home is a good alternative to an expensive gym. That’s why I’ve put together an effective training plan with 7 exercises to help you lose weight quickly.

All of the exercises use up your whole body and your metabolism. First we look at the individual exercises in detail and then you will find the training plan, which shows you how to divide up your workout.

In addition to training, you also need to pay attention to your diet to burn fat quickly.

Exercise 1: Squats

Squats are also called the queen of exercises. This is because they put more strain on the leg, hip and po musculature than almost any other exercise. This also makes them perfect for losing weight quickly and tightening the body at these zones.

You’d better look out for that in knee bends:

No hunchback or exaggerated hollow back:

  1. Your back should remain straight throughout the execution. Therefore, it is best to do some knee bends next to a mirror and check whether you are not doing a hunchback or an exaggerated hollow back. A light hollow back, however, is fine. Deep knee bends for maximum effectiveness:
  2. With a correctly executed knee bend you squat further than 90 degrees. In this case, the 90 degrees refer to the angle between the thigh and lower leg when going down. If you don’t get below 90 degrees or make a hunchback or a strong hollow back, you should stretch more often to become more flexible.

If knee bends with your own body weight are no longer really exhausting for you, it is recommended to use some extra weight. Adjustable dumbbells, which you can also use for many other exercises, are suitable for this.

Exercise 2: Push-Up

Pushups are a great exercise for defined and tight arms as well as a good looking decollete. You train the chest muscles, the front shoulder, the triceps and the back.

You should pay attention to that when doing push-ups:

Use a lighter variant if you do not have enough strength:

  1. If you can’t do classical push-ups, it’s perfectly okay and even recommended to do the exercise in its easier variant. To do this you simply do the push-up on your knees instead of your toes.Do not let it sag:
  2. As with planking, you should make sure that your back does not bend too much during the execution. Tighten your abdominal muscles and make sure that your back is as straight as possible.

Exercise 3: Lunges

With the lung steps we will give our leg and po musculature after the knee bends again an intensive stimulus. As the feet are not next to each other during this exercise, lunging steps also train the sense of balance very well.

You should pay attention to this during the lunging steps:

Use a chair to help you:

  1. If you have never lost a step, you should start by using a chair or something similar. This will make it easier for you to learn the exercise and will help you keep your balance.Straight back:
  2. Just like with the knee bends, it is important to have a straight back when lunging out. So do a few repetitions of this exercise in front of a mirror and check if you are holding your back straight.

Exercise 4: Rowing with a dumbbell or a water bottle

After we have used the push-ups mainly to strain the pressure muscles, we naturally want to do something for the back as well. The resulting energy consumption helps to lose weight and back pain can be prevented by strengthening the muscles.

You should pay attention to this when rowing:

Support yourself with a stable element:

  1. Since this exercise is performed with one arm, be careful to support yourself with something that cannot slip away.Straight back:
  2. Both the upper and lower back should be kept straight. Also make sure that you look down rather than forward. If you look forward, your cervical spine will be overstretched.

Exercise 5: Planks

The fifth exercise is Planks, which are known to be performed statically. This means that no repetitions are performed, but the position is held for a certain period of time.

You should pay attention to this when planning:

Activate all your muscles

  1. With the Planks you should make sure that you actively tighten your stomach and the remaining supporting muscles. This is the only way to make the exercise really effective and avoid injuries.Pull your shoulders back and down
  2. In order to remain stable in the upper part of the body, you should pull your shoulders back and down slightly. This will prevent your upper back from rounding off.

Exercise 6: Hip Thrusts

When it comes to a well-formed bottom, hip thrusts are one of the absolute best exercises there is. They also strengthen the lower back and hip muscles. As we will be a bit tired in our training at this point, we have deliberately chosen Hip Thrusts as a slightly loose exercise.

You have to pay attention to this in Hip Thrusts:

Tighten your butt strongly at the highest point:

  1. If you’ve never done hip thrusts before, you’ll quickly realize why they train your butt so effectively. Make sure you really activate it strongly at the top point and feel the gluteus (“po muscle”).
  2. You should consciously activate your butt and tighten it at the top point, but do not overstretch your hips. If your belly and thighs form a line, that’s perfectly enough.

Exercise 7: Side Planks

With the classic Planks we would have strengthened the trunk and abdominal muscles well. This modified version will now demand the rest from our lateral abdominal muscles.

That’s what you have to pay attention to with the Side Planks:

Don’t sag:

  1. Make sure your spine stays straight and you don’t sag. This is the only way to really activate the muscles involved and avoid injuries.Correct shoulder position:
  2. You should make sure your shoulder doesn’t move toward your ear. Keep it stable and pull it slightly downwards to ensure stability throughout the exercise.

Training Schedule
We would now have discussed the exercises to lose weight. But now, of course, we want to pack them into a suitable training plan.

Since not everyone has the same fitness, you still have to adapt the training plan to your own requirements. Training at home should also be intense and demanding, but at the same time it should not be so strenuous as to increase the likelihood of injury and overexertion.

We therefore advise you to start training too loose rather than too hard. You can and should still increase the intensity over time.

The complete 11 minute training plan:

30 seconds knee bends, 30 seconds break

30 seconds squats, 30 seconds pause

20 seconds push-up, 40 seconds pause

20 seconds push-up, 40 seconds pause

30 seconds failure steps right side, 30 seconds pause

30 seconds Failure steps left side, 30 seconds pause

30 seconds rowing with dumbbell or water wrong right side, 30 seconds pause

30 seconds rowing with dumbbell or water wrong left side, 30 seconds pause

30 seconds plan, 30 seconds pause

45 Seconds Hip Thrusts, 15 Seconds Pause

15 seconds Side Plank right side, 15 seconds Side Plank left side, 15 seconds Side Plank right side, 15 seconds Side Plank left side

Adjustments to the training plan

If you want to adapt the training plan to your personal requirements, just change the number of seconds.

Shorter breaks and more intensive training. Longer breaks and a more relaxed workout.

Overall, this change allows you to control how intensive your entire workout should be and at the same time to train individual body parts more intensively or less intensively.

Nutrition to lose weight

In order to lose weight quickly, the diet must also be optimized. On our blog you will find a lot of information about what a suitable diet for losing weight should look like.

The most important points are:

Calorie deficit:

You need to consume more calories than you consume. The exercises listed above will help you do this because they increase your energy consumption. In addition, however, you must also pay attention to what you eat and, above all, how much you eat in total.

Make sure you have enough protein:

Protein fills your stomach and supplies your muscles with important amino acids. Therefore, take care to absorb sufficient amounts of this macronutrient.

Lots of vegetables and some fruit:

Vegetables and fruit supply relatively few calories per 100 gram and contain additionally valuable micro nutrients and ballast materials.

Bottom line

With the right exercises, you can also do an effective workout at home to help you lose weight.

Are you already training or are you just getting started? And which exercises do you regularly include in your training plan?

Leave a comment now, even if you have any questions.

Until then we say goodbye for the time being.

Greetings, Lukas and the Lecker Weight Loss Team.


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