Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas

This article will inspire you to restyle your bathroom with trendy design ideas. Ways to add a rustic farmhouse style to your bathroom;

1. Soothing neutrals color farmhouse style palette: shades of gray, country white and warm wood accents.

2. Old natural wood furniture from the garage sales and repurposed old wooden items such as recycled towel rack made from old ladder.

3. Bathroom mirror accent with vintage mirror frame or rustic rough wood mirror frame.

4. Open shelving – floating open shelves and live-edge wooden shelves.

5. Vintage rustic signs as bathroom wall decor.

6. Farmhouse basket storage using rustic wire baskets or eco style woven baskets.

7.  Rustic storage ideas using vintage items as bathroom storage.

Take a tour of our renovated farmhouse bathroom.

I know there are lots of folks that don’t like radiators or that want to cover them up but not me. I love the cast iron and view them as a piece of art. There weren’t any old radiators in our 100 year old home when we moved in and I never really cared that much until I started seeing really cool versions of them.

And as luck would have it, hubby was given several radiators a few weeks ago. A couple of them were huge and so heavy that they maybe would have put a hole through our floor so I chose this small one.

I cleaned it up, primed it and then painted it Simply White as well. I really love it and actually wish it was a working radiator. That inspired a redo, so I pulled things from around the house, picked up a few things and repainted


Love shelves, mirrors and washbasins! That’s great! You need such tips for home decoration. Looks beautiful and simple!

Very fresh and clean, nicely .I can’t believe I found my sink the way I want it, it’s definitely where it belongs!

Love tulips. I wanted to use it in my bathroom.

I had fun as one who grew up on a farm and am happy with the farm trend! I love to go back to the farm fashion! I understand why you like this style. do it too.

Thank you for reading my article…



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