European capitals invite you on a boat trip

10 rivers crossing European capitals

Every capital has a strong industry and super modern buildings. Usually there is also a lively cultural and nightlife. But how many cities are broken by a great river in their middle? Well, there are some in Europe! They are all beautiful and maybe you should decide to visit these capitals. Can’t this be a great theme for your next trip? Even if you’ve been there before, it’s worth visiting these European capitals a second time. There is always something new to see and this time you can enjoy the river and its beauty much better.

Thames, London

Some of the biggest sights in London are located around the Thames. These would be Big Band and London Tower. The river is dirty, yes. But at least the boat trip through the city is a unique experience that cannot be missed.

Sena, Paris

Anyone who has been to Paris without making a trip on Sena has to go back! A really romantic thing that one prefers to do in pairs (but not necessarily). Why don’t you end the evening in a great restaurant with a bottle of French wine?

Tiber, Rome

Rome is also one of the European capitals through which a river runs. It comes from the Apennines and passes through the heart of the eternal city. The length of the river is about 405 km.

Liffey, Dublin

Dublin also belongs to the list of European capitals through which a large river runs. The special thing about Dublin is that a large part of the drinking water is drawn from it.

The Danube in Budapest

Here is a short question: Which is the second longest river in Europe? The correct answer is: the Danube! It crosses several capitals, including Vienna, Bratislava and Budapest. The Danube is particularly picturesque in Budapest, where the river divides the city into two historical parts – Buda and Pest.

Moscow in Moscow

Now we come to one of the European capitals after which the river it crosses was named. The Kremlin was built on the bank of the river Moscow.

Amstel, Amsterdam

There are many artificial canals in Amsterdam, but Amstel runs naturally through the city.

Spree in Berlin

The Spree is one of the hallmarks of the German capital. The river is 400 km long and flows through the German capital as well as other medium-sized cities such as Cottbus, for example. By the way, some of the city’s greatest sights are located near the Spree in Berlin. These are the Brandenburg Gate and the Reichstag.

Vltava (Moldova), Prague

Here we come to another of the European capitals, which are crossed by a river. This time it is the beauty of Prague. The river Vitava runs under one of the most striking sights of the city – the Charles Bridge. The latter leads to the Old Town.

Manzanares, Madrid

This is the last of the capitals we have chosen for our article. It is interesting to note that the river is largely related to the foundation of the city in the ninth century. If you are interested in history, you should definitely get more information.

Idyllic moments are also promised to you at the Manzanares in Madrid

One of them is Bedřich Smetana , which became famous by the piece ” Moldau “.

Prague is fascinating and the beauty of the Vltava inspired the composers in Romanticism


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