Dream holiday in Greece – beach, mountains and culture in one!

Where and how to spend a dream holiday in Greece

If you want to book your dream holiday quickly, Greece is always a great choice. You can’t do anything wrong with it. You have many different destinations, each offering a different kind of relaxation. Your dream holiday can be cheap or absolutely luxurious and unique in many different ways. Santorini is a wonderful place for a dream holiday in Greece. Nobody expects it to be cheap. But believe us: It works! All you have to do is search long enough and in the right places. Once you are there, you should visit La and Nea Kameni. These places are known for their beautiful views. In Santorini’s interior there is again the Messaria wine region. A great sight is the fantastic property Arhondiko Argiro. The house with the surrounding areas is very interesting. It belonged to a well-known wine merchant. It looks beautiful and you can learn a lot about the local customs and wine growing there. The visit with a tour guide costs only 3 Euro. A visit to the Museum of Wine is also worthwhile with an electronic guide, admission and tasting of three types of wine costs only 6 euros in total. A dream holiday in Greece can certainly also be experienced in this unique place. There are not only hotels here. If you want to book a dream holiday cheaply, you could stay on campsites or in bungalows. You will also have great access to the famous beach of Posidonia. So you will also have more money for great fish food in the taverns next door. This is another great resort if you want to spend a great dream holiday in Greece at a reasonable price. Access from Athens is fairly easy. The Ionian Concerts festival is held there in July. The destination is particularly recommended for people interested in archaeology and ancient history. Here you could visit many historical places at the same time for only 8 Euro. Grill and beer of the highest quality can be found everywhere in the small streets. The enjoyment of these is very typical for the locals. Should your dream holiday in Greece be combined with climbing and sports in the sea? If so, then Kalimnos Island is the right place for you. It is also known as the island of sponges.

There are also a number of insider tips. We mean small destinations that are not bad at all, but less well known. The places Salamino, Gitio and Mistra are great examples. Furthermore, you should know that there are also wonderful mountains in Greece. You could book a two-week dream holiday that includes a few days by the sea and some in the mountains. For the second option you could also consider a trip to Delphi.

On Santorini you can book the dream holiday of your dreams

Island of Syros in the Cyclades

The archaeological museum in Syros

Kerkira Island


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