DIY Vintage-Inspired Sequined Christmas Ornament!


Hey buddies! I don’t know about you guys, but the last few years, I have been a total sucker for tinsel Christmas trees decked out in pretty vintage ornaments. The lovely pastel colors, the sparkle, and all the pretty handmade touches really makes them feel special.

Well, as much as I love them, I’ve done some combing through the vintage shops and always find the Christmas decorations I love cost an arm and a leg. So! Today, I’m here to share a DIY for a vintage-inspired sequined Christmas ornament!

These puppies are really easy to put together, but admittedly, a litttttttttle bit time consuming to make. But hey, you need something to do while you’re curled up on the couch watching Christmas movies, right? Right.

Let’s hop to it!

Ok! As usual, you’re gonna need some supplies. For each ornament you make you’ll need:

– 1 styrofoam ball
– Some fancy ribbon
– Ball head pins (mine looked kind of like little pearls)
– Sequins in the color of your choosing
– Flat head pins. Lots of them. Be sure that the head of the pin is just wider than the hole on your sequins, or you’ll be in trouble. With a capitol T!

First things first, begin pinning your fancy ribbon around the circumference of your styrofoam ball using your fancy ball head pins.

Once you’re nearing the end, trim your ribbon so you’ll have some extra length to make a loop to hang your ornament. Then, loop it, tuck the ends under, and pin into place.

Once you’re applied your ribbon, you should have something that looks like the photo above! Hey look! An ornament!

Now, it’s time for some sparkle. Have I ever mentioned how much I love sequins before? Because I love them. Adore, is more like it. Actually, let’s go with obsessed. I am obsessed with sequins.

Anyway! Start by placing one of your sequins at the middle of one side of your ornament. Then, use a flat head pin to pin it into place.

Then, continue placing and pinning your sequins. I tried to keep mine in a somewhat linear pattern, but I assure you, all hell will break loose as you start going around the curves.

Getting there! Keep going!

And hey, before you know it (ok, fine, after quite a while), you’ll have a dreamy ornament like this one!

All that’s left to do is to pop it on your tree and admire your handy-work! Seriously, aren’t they lovely?

I hope you enjoyed following along and hope this inspires you to try adding a little DIY vintage-inspired ornament to your tree!

Til next time!


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