DIY stacking tower – gift idea for toddlers

Are you still looking for a nice gift idea for a toddler? How about a DIY stacking tower? Since we have a very cheap stacking tower in continuous use, I recently painted and gave away a DIY variant with Janosch motifs for my birthday. The instructions are available for you today!

DIY stacking tower – personal gift idea for your first birthday – Painting stacking cups
The birthday present for my godchild has been finished pretty last minute, because first I wanted to buy a stacking tower. But then I couldn’t decide between all the beautiful models (I linked a few below!) and also found a set of gift boxes. If you stack them, you get a nice tower that is more than one meter tall. So I spontaneously decided to make a DIY gift. Drawing and painting of course takes some time, but it’s totally fun and with the right tools you can do it even if you don’t have a lot of drawing experience.

DIY stacking tower – what you need

  • Gift Box Set (Affiliate Link)
  • Acrylic paint – small amounts of paint are enough if you don’t paint the background completely. Then such a set (Affiliatelink) is totally practical. I already used mine for the DIY circus box.
  • Brush set
  • pencil for sketching and eraser
  • Black touch-up pencil
  • Lacquer as finish (I used this decopatch because it is safe for children)

DIY stacking tower – that’s how it’s done
The stacking tower is actually made quite simple: Paint, paint protective layer – ready! Nevertheless, I wrote you down how I proceeded. Maybe it will help you with your planning.

The first thing I thought about was a motto for the stacking tower. Since I’m not the greatest artist of all, I stuck to figures that are relatively simple to draw. The Janosch figures are a real classic and for me simply timeless (unlike maybe firefighter Sam or Elsa) and therefore I decided for them. In addition I found enough suitable motives, which I dared to do. All motives (and the copyright) are by Janosch.

The letters are inspired by this handlettering alphabet from Luloveshandmade. In black-yellow they fit perfectly to the theme Tigerente I think. With the letters (and also with some motives like the big frog) I painted the colors with acrylic paint, let dry and then pulled the contours with a touch-up pencil.

I took off the lids of all the cans, but I also painted the lids of the biggest one. So you can practically stow the stacking tower. In the middle there is the name of the child, but I cut it out in the photos!

Finally I painted all parts thin with Decopatch varnish. This is waterproof and childproof and protects the stacking tower against stains and the like. But of course it can’t be put in the bathtub!

Buy beautiful stacking towers – my favorites
Of course there are also beautiful stacking towers to buy. Here are some of my favorites (partner links / affiliate links):

Beautiful stacking tower with modern illustrations and animals
My secret favorite: Stackelturm Autorennen (really super cute made, I still bookmarked it for more gift opportunities)
Stacking tower with vehicles
Dice Tower Farm
Stacking Tower Four Seasons
Little Dutch Stacking Tower Pastel
Which one do you like best? Have fun doing handicrafts,


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