DIY Pinch Pleat Curtains


Unlined Muslin Curtain Tutorial

 the windows before the curtains were put up. oh what a difference fabric makes! i used about 10 yards of white muslin, 109″ width.
first step–measure,measure,measure. use diagram(above) to help determine how much fabric will be needed for each curtain panel. each panel is a straightforward rectangle that is pleated at the top. since muslin tears straight along it’s width and length, the easiest way to ‘cut’ the pattern is to NOT cut it at all.  simply snip at measurements and tear.
Measuring correctly for your drapery project is very important. When I do a measure I take many measurements and then translate those into my finished width and finished length. The initial measuring is the simple part but translating those numbers into what the finished product should measure is a bit tricky. When done in steps it will make perfect sense to you. As you can see I have included the measuring chart I promised you in my first posting. If you cannot access it properly please e-mail me and I will send you the file so you can print it out.

start with your rectangular pattern. hem all sides. 1.5 inch double hem on top and bottom. 1 inch double hem on the sides. (double hem: fold fabric two times at equal lengths)

after hemming all four sides, mark top of panel to indicate where pleats will be sewn. i used 6 inch pleats, folded at every one inch, with 5 inches spaced between. after you make your marks, hand sew each pleat. ahhh, it sounds so repetitive i know!

view from top
fold like an accordion at every one inch mark.
back view
flip curtain back side facing you, run needle through back/bottom (at the line where hem is sewn) two times, then knot.
back view
run needle the same way through the back/top, then knot.
front view
flip curtain over, front facing. do the same for the bottom/front.
top view
front view
back view
do an accordion fold, again. then, flip over so back of curtain is facing you.
back view
run needle through back/bottom two times, then knot
back view
 do the same for back/top
front view
flip curtain front side facing you, sew front/bottom
 leave front/top alone so it fans out like this.
once you’re done with pleats, clip on some rings..and they’re ready to be hung!


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