DIY Christmas Tree, Tomato Cage


It’s another Pinterest idea I found, Geez Pinterest why are you so addicting? I find myself on there watching what others are pinning. It’s pure craziness!

Here is my tomato cage Christmas Tree.
My lovely tree! Thanks Rose for letting me use your camera…. I could have gone nuts with taking the pictures. That is one fun gadget that I need to have one day. (can you see some of our headbands on the left side… 🙂 most of them will be in our etsy store at the first of the new year)
Here is the Tutorial…
Tomato Cage (Home Depot actually had some left!)
5 to 6 Pine Garland strands (mine were from the dollar store)
Ornaments & Garland
or anything you want on your tree
Take the tomato cage and turn it upside down.
(Little Colten in the background. His mom, Kayla, has a blog, CHECK IT OUT!)
Take your garland and twist it around the bottom.
Then you will just continue to go around the whole cage. Each time I came to the wire that’s in a circle I did the wrap around. (if that doesn’t make sense let me know :))
What I did was each time I came to the wire going up I would do a loop around the bar.
Here is what it looks like as I was going around and up. I did not pack it tight, it’s actually pretty loose.
As I get to the top I took a little piece of garland and hot glue and brought the three wires to the middle for to form the top of the tree.
Here is a closer picture for you.
All done!
(Maizy can’t seem to stay out of the way whenever I am making something.)
Now just start decorating it how you’d like it.
I put lights on mine, then the garland beads. I secured the beads with little pieces of pine garland. The holly was just stuck into the tree and the holly beads were bent around the garland or the strand of lights. Have fun with it! I was originally going to put this outside by our front door. But its very tight and wouldn’t work.
So I ended putting it on our landing.
Here is how the stair railing is decorated.
I just love the tree. I would love to make more and just put them outside on either side of the garage.
Georgia kept climbing the stairs… So Rose put her here, it’s her time out chair now.
The HaHa mommy come and get me face!
There she goes, love little Georgia, never a dull moment with her around. But, you can see my peppermint garland I made. So simple too! Just hot glued a bunch of peppermints together. I actually made it all last year and it survived through the summer months in the garage. The snowflakes were from the dollar store, last year. Then I made little stockings last year too.
Here is a close up.. So simple too! Just find a small stocking pattern or if you can draw one. (all done with fabric) Glue two together, I left the top of mine open, that way I could put things in them if I wanted to. I then just hot glued vintage rhinestones to them. I have 5 of these and love the little sparkle on them.
Just a close up.
Thanks for stopping by, hope you enjoyed and that you make yourself one!


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