Discover Greek islands as a perfect holiday destination

The best Greek islands for your holiday

The crisis in Greece has triggered a new wave of solidarity. People like to combine the pleasant with the useful. Because people actually like to fly to Greece to spend their holidays on the Greek islands. But now you have a social justification as well as a personal one. Does that also apply to you? Will there be a holiday on the Greek islands in the foreseeable future? Do you know your way around the best and most popular destinations? What do the best Greek islands offer that other places don’t? Ideally, they combine a natural and cultural experience. They have unique landscapes that are nowhere else to be found in this form. The great atmosphere, which comes from good food and drinks, must also be mentioned. All these aspects together make up the ideal holiday experience on the islands of Greece. Here are the destinations where, in our opinion, you will feel this atmosphere with all your senses and very intensely. Each island has its own distinct advantage! We refer to a corresponding article in the British newspaper Telegraph. We absolutely agree with their presentation. The Ionian Greek islands have beautiful beaches. It’s really hard to choose the best possible one. But Zakynthos is probably the most beautiful of them all. Nature also seems to want to hide it from people. Because it is quite difficult to access. If you want to spend your holidays with your family on Greek islands, then it is best to go to Corfu. There is a bit of everything Greece has to offer. Moreover, the island itself is quite easily accessible.

Among the Greek islands, Delos is best for lovers of culture. So Telegraph. We also agree with this opinion! Ultimately, this is the birthplace of the god Apollo! Some of the oldest remains from the heyday of ancient Greece can be found here. The whole island is under UNESCO protection. Particularly intensive excavations and archaeological work have been carried out here for more than one and a half centuries. New and interesting remains are found. You will find here many statues, old theatres and museums. It is difficult to stay exactly on this island. It can only be visited. But it is very easy to reach from the island of Mykonos. In Greece you can combine a luxury holiday with a great cultural experience. The island of Mykonos, which is close to Delos, has the highest ranking hotels. Here, one can also acquire great luxury real estates. Food is clearly one of the reasons why so many people fall in love with Greece. Is that also the case with you? Then you should choose Crete from all the Greek islands. The long vegetative period provides many gifts from nature. From these one profits then in the native catering trade. The experience is simply unique. The best of the Greek islands for wine lovers is Kefalonia. In addition to this advantage, you will also experience a lot of culture, great gastronomy and feel as if you are in paradise. Let’s close among the best of the Greek islands for a romantic holiday. Here is one of the most beautiful harbours in the country. Right on the coast there are also beautiful cottages, bars, boutiques and pubs.

Greek Islands – What do they offer their numerous guests?

Zakynthos – here are the most beautiful beaches

The island of Delos – for culture lovers

Kefalonia – the best wine

Rodus Island will delight you with its nightlife

Greek Islands – Rich in culture and overwhelming


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