Crochet Tunisian Smock Stitch

I just bought one of these from a thrift store, being seeing them for years, and decided I wanted to learn how to use it. Look at these stitch and imagine how many awesome projects can you crochet with it. We hope you will love this technique and will be useful for you in future.

I loved this tutorial! I am new to the crochet world, you are a wonderful teacher. You explain so well, and the speed and ease of your work is a “crochet goal” for me.

Video tutorial for Tunisian smock stitch

It was love at first sight when I found the Tunisian crochet Smock Stitch. This pattern is simpler than it looks, using two basic Tunisian crochet techniques for a highly textured, visually stunning stitch pattern. Give this stitch a try for your next project!

Your teaching skills are superb, and your videography has inspired me to investigate camera support hardware. I’ve been knitting for almost 30 yrs. Tunisian Smock stitch you can learn from the video which one is in high quality and explained step by step.

Glad we found such a beautiful stitch with free video tutorial.


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