Crochet Polka Dot Blanket

It’s time to show them a new blanket, and this one is very special: it’s a Polka Dot Blanket

The idea for this blanket was born because my mom wanted to make something to match these polka-dot flannel receiving blankets. I suggested that she alternated plain granny squares with circle-to-square granny motifs…and it worked!

The squares are sewn together, only on the back loop (using “the whipped stitch joining” method). The all-white border gives it a special touch of elegance. I really love this blanket; It is simple and classic, yet modern.
The boxes are then sewn with a hand needle (only taking the back point). The white border gives a touch of elegance. I really like how this blanket looked, and it’s easy to do.

In case some of you want to give it to try, here I am sharing the charts for both squares:
In case you want to try doing it, I share the graphs below:


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